Digital Marketing is a vast pool of possibilities of marketing. It is a tool that directs business marketing to work on online platforms that allows business information to go online advertises it. We doubt that you may know everything about digital marketing. So, we brought you 15 some of them never heard digital marketing facts to you right away in this article. Let’s get started: blog feed format

Facts About Digital Marketing

  1. Power of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the only tool that converts the most number of visitors into actual consumers. It has a conversion rate of nearly 62%, which is the blog feed format highest till on the platform. Following it Twitter is in the second number with the conversion rate of 50% into actual consumers.

  1. Webinars are very least attended:

A study has found that only 16% of webinars are attended. However, there are more than 70% of webinars are registered. Hence out of 70% only & very hardly 16% people attend the webinars.

  1. Most viewed page- About us:

According to a study, when someone visits a company’s website, the highest number of visitors opens the ‘about us’ tab after the home page on any website.

  1. Average viewing span currently – less than 8 seconds:

We daily go through youtube shorts and Instagram reels are also some seconds quick videos through which we gain an instant idea about the person or what he is trying blog feed format to tell.

  1. Images play a huge role:

Relevant images attached with your piece blog feed format of content increase engagement by 94% on your website. Hence it is recommended to place right & point images that directly relate to your content/article.

  1. Most difficult – Building SEO tactic:

According to 65% of marketers, link building is the most difficult SEO tactic.

  1. Search ads increase brand awareness:

According to expert marketers, search ads can blog feed format increase up to 80% of brand Awareness & more than 40% of visitors on your website. The display advertising on your website increases traffic by a straight 300% on your website.

  1. Your customers find you more than you find them:

This is the biggest co-working factor of a digital marketing agency. More than you search for your customers, they search & come to you more easily than you go for them. blog feed format If consumers know your brand, they will search it, look for it, browse the product category, ask for price, and many more. The biggest benefit of digital marketing is here you can know about your consumers, their needs and can regulate feedback to accomplish the next process.

  1. Email Facts:
  • According to ET, 91% of people open their emails at least once a day to keep track and
  • Also, the highest number blog feed format of g-mail is mobile-oriented users.
  • More than 72% 0f decision-makers also go through gmails on smartphones only.
  • More than 210 billion email send per day.
  1. Only 4 billion people use a mobile phone:
  • Out of 8 billion people, only 4 billion people are using smartphones on a global level. YOU can’t reach everyone and start increasing your visitors.
  1. Instagram Facts:
  • More than 75 million people are using Instagram on a daily basis today. It has become the most used social media after Facebook.
  • 64% of Instagram users are women, men are 36%, and nearly 73% are between the age group of 15 to 35 years old.
  • On Instagram, more than 53% of posts have at least 1 hashtag.
  • On the first day itself, Instagram gained more than 25000 users.
  • A study has shown that 10% of Instagram users are fake. (or it can be more than this too).
  • There are more than blog feed format 16 million searches every month are made for the word “Instagram”.
  • 18-29 years old are the vast majority of Instagram users.
  • There is at least 1 million advertisers company on Instagram daily.
  • 96% of top fashion brands use Instagram in the US to advertise their products.
  • Instagram has the highest number of the influencer marketing industry with over $1Billion valuation.
  1. Twitter Facts
  • More than 77% of Twitter users are from outside the US. Twitter supports 33 languages. 170 minutes per month is the average time spent by Twitter users blog feed format Twitter. Grandparents’ age peoples are the fastest-growing Twitter users.
  • 10 tweets per second on Twitter mention Starbucks.
  • The hashtag was first introduced on Twitter in 2007.
  1. Social Media Facts:

Nearly 45% of users 

  • Are unable to access Facebook blog feed format and Email and now it includes Instagram as well.
  • Food is the most searched keyword on any social media platform, with the highest number of search users being on Pinterest.
  • Currently, there are more than 3 billion lively internet users on Instagram.
  • Social media stands at the third number after televisions & newspaper for delivering news by 28%.
  • 90% of Business deals with social media to take action on their consumer complaint/inquiry.
  • Only 14% believe in advertisements.
  • Around 46% of web users prefer social media while purchasing anything they need online.
  1. Saves your money

There are many platforms online available that are free of cost. These platforms allow you to work for your business profiles, make brochures, make presentations, increase brand awareness & many more works which can save your money and time. Increasing engagements through social media in which you can do for absolutely free.

  1. Some shocking statistics:
  • Mothers of children under the age of 5 are the most active social media users these days, especially on Instagram & YouTube.
  • 75% of Pinterest users are a woman.
  • There is more number of users who watch videos rather than reading texts or blogs.
  • Websites, videos & blogs with the blog feed format most relevant images attract more than 94% of users.
  • More than 82% of consumer internet traffic shall be from videos in 2021-22.
  • More than Business to consumer’s interactions and sales is higher than other days on Sundays.
  • US population alone runs more than 70% of the local businesses of the US.
  • 96% of young adults aged blog feed format between 21-27 use social media regularly.
  • Marketers spent 28% of their budget on just their content every year.
  • Facebook & Google earn more than any traditional media outlet globally, with revenue of over $117Billion.

However, digital marketing has a pool & sea of unknown facts. These are just some of them. Hope you found it useful.

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