BBC Weather Edinburgh

When a person visits Edinburgh from an Asian country or any other country, you fall in love with Edinburgh’s fantastic weather. Meteorologists have always called Edinburgh the “rain shadow.” There is a reason behind this name. Edinburgh appears to be in the highlands or the west coast and experiences a little rainfall because beautiful hills shelter it.

Rainfall Statistics

We can take a look at the rainfall statistics of Edinburgh and make a comparison with Glasgow. Keeping in mind that Glasgow is not high in altitude and is about a 40-50 minutes drive from the west of Edinburgh.

There is a 50% national UK rainfall average. Whenever you google “BBC weather Edinburgh” you come across some cliché comments on the Scottish weather, you discover things that are not bad.

When we look at the aspect of rainfall, it means that Edinburgh experiences mild and pleasant weather. It does not mean that Edinburgh has no rain. Instead, it does experience an amount of precipitation. When it is compared with Australia, where you experience constant thunderstorms or even threats of huge trail stones and flooding, you might see a massive difference in Edinburgh’s weather. The community and people living in Edinburgh find themselves very special because of the absolutely perfect weather and welcome their visitors.

Craigmillar Castle is a perfect place to explore during the lovely BBC weather in Edinburgh.  Moreover, these days Scotland has issued a yellow warning that Edinburgh will experience heavy rainfalls this weekend.

The coldest month in Edinburgh

January and February are the coldest months in Edinburgh and have average lows of 33.8 Degree Fahrenheit and highs which exceed 44.6 Degree Fahrenheit. It does get gusty at times, and Edinburgh people occasionally get snow which makes this city even more beautiful and magical. These few things and most importantly the weather in Edinburgh attract many visitors from around the world. It is pretty reasonably priced city when compared with other major cities worldwide.

Air quality in Edinburgh

The air quality is generally accepted by the majority of the individuals in Edinburgh. But the sensitive people may experience some long-term exposure symptoms on a moderate level because of the air quality there. Edinburgh usually experiences dewy and rainy weather most of the time. By rainy, we do not mean it’s referred to as thunderstorms. It’s more likely to be pleasant and rainy weather 80% of the time. Many cricket matches also get delayed or stopped due to the constant rainy weather conditions In Edinburgh. But this weather is more likely to be loved by the people living in hot countries where the temperature usually crosses 40 degrees centigrade in summers, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.

If you live in Edinburgh, you would have an idea about the specific weather conditions here. The forecast is always telling that there are slight chances of rain and air would be humid. Because of the significant humidity percentage, such as on average 70 %of moisture, there are pretty much chances of gusty wind and rainfall.

When we look at the comparison of the BBC weather or any met office, we will see that the weather channel and the weather underground comes on top of all and the BBC new provider is at sixth. In contrast, the BBC Ninth, based on the Met office broadcast, is on the correct prediction of precipitation. When we are talking about a Scottish country or any lace related to Scotland, we should have an idea of the Scottish weather. There is also a generalized cliché about the Scottish weather as it’s known to be primarily bleak, which means it always experiences a tiny amount of rainfall because of the hills. The most important thing while looking at the Edinburgh weather is the rainfall statistics. And it puts Edinburgh at most of the average of the rainfall average. Even if you are looking for the weather forecast staying or living in Edinburgh, it will show the pictures of raindrops although you see glorious sunshine outside. The weather mostly says it’s cloudy or rainy, specifically if you are using the BBC Weather Edinburgh.

Accuracy of Edinburgh’s weather

In Edinburgh, the reality is very much different from the others as the weather apps always seem to have a habit of putting pictures of rainfall or even rain drops even when there are chances of rain, but meteorologists say that the reality is quite different. Suppose we are talking about the downpours in Scotland or Edinburgh. In that case, we typically mean that it is not like those in the countries or cities experiencing the rainy and torrential flooding seasons. The rainfall here is very mild, which is not harsh for the visitors and the people living here.

If you are a tourist in Edinburgh, you will experience immensely beautiful weather throughout your time here. The weather and the stay are commendable here. People feel very much lucky to be living in this beautiful and historic city. The people here love to welcome the guests and tourists from around the world and share all the little and magnificent things which make Edinburgh much more special. Even if you look out for the BBC weather updates of Edinburgh, you will see the hail showers and a fresh breeze, and that is what it mostly looks like throughout the entire day.

In short, Edinburg has a temperate maritime climate, and it has cold and humid winters and mild summers. It usually rains throughout the year in Edinburgh, and the average temperature is 48 degrees Fahrenheit or 9 degrees centigrade to be recorded. The hottest months in Edinburgh are July and August. Still, it usually reaches up to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 11 degrees centigrade or 31 degrees celsius which is never considered very hot from the global weather statistics. There is often fog in the winters, and it is also renowned as a windy city, although it is usually a lot less windy than some other cities of the UK. Edinburgh’s locals even say that you can experience all four seasons in a single day in Edinburgh. It gets gloomy with rain and fog, and then suddenly, the sun comes out. But this city is the most appealing, and it is highly recommended in the cold, windy seasons. You can enjoy your trip here with a good coat, tex shoes, and a beautiful umbrella.


Tips for maintaining a work-life balance

Living a balanced work-life life is getting complicated day by day. People are feeling frustrated when they are unable to maintain this balance. They feel exhausted between work and their other activities. That’s why here we are going to suggest some good practical tips to manage work-life balance. We will discuss all those tips in detail so that you must know how you can maintain your work-life balance if you are experiencing such frustrations and stress.

1. Focus on your strengths:

People try to do everything in their lives, which is a good thing, but you should choose only things related to your strengths when it comes to working life. Try to eliminate all other things which are causing an extra burden on your mind. For example, if you cannot do graphic designing or fashion designing well, don’t put yourself into it. Try those things in which you have expertise.

2. Prioritizethings:

Making a to-do list daily is necessary. It will clarify what things you must have to do today and what things you have some margin for, and you can do them late. By filtering your priorities with time, you can make some little time for your mind and then you can plan some healthy activities daily in that time. This list can be of four categories which are;

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Neither urgent nor important

When you are starting to filter your things in these ways daily, you can efficiently prioritize your time, and you will not be having any stress related to overwork and overburden.

3. Get a business coach:

You must have a coach for your business so that if you may have some queries and confusion related to your work, you may ask them frequently. Taking worries and stress about not getting work things better also do not let your life balanced and healthy.

4. Use technology:

Technology is making the world easy. Suppose if you have a meeting with someone, then instead of driving and then meeting somewhere, tell them that arrange the meeting on Skype. You can save your physical energy and time in that way.

5. Invest in workspace equipment:

You have to work for long hours, so investing a little in your workspace will provide you lots of comfortable and you will not be tired of trying new things. Your workspace equipment will provide you colossal support such as a comfortable chair, a good quality laptop etc., and then you will have a good mood all the time.

6. Manage time for long term plans:

You should have a time management plan. We all have family, friends, social circle, office life and many self-planned activities. Remember those dates and events. You should have a diary where you write everything related to dates and your plans about them. So that if any emergency office work happens in between those days, you may know what you have to do and how you can manage this.

7. Make exercise compulsory:

Apart from everything, you should make exercise a must thing in your life. Not daily, but at least three times a week. Your body will remain healthy and fit. Eat healthy food so that you may not get any health issues. Planning some minutes or an hour for exercise is essential because you cannot do any work without being fit.

8. Do things you love:

Don’t get too stuck in your work or professional activities. Have some self-time. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself that how precious you are. You have everything, and you feel gratitude and grateful about it. Always keep yourself at first. Spend time with yourself. Make yourself happy. Treat yourself as a kid. Never allow anyone to take advantage of yourself. Do all the activities you like such as reading, cooking, gardening, painting or sketching, riding etc. These things can make you confident and happy from within.

By trying these tips, you can maintain a balanced work-life.These things might seem minor and challenging to follow, but when you start doing them daily with little effort and practice, you can filter by yourself how light and positive you feel now.


Acne and some self-care tips about it

Here we are going to discuss the most common problem that is acne. We all suffer from acne problems, but this has become such a common issue in everyone that we often do not seek a clinician for its treatment. We have become used to it for waiting about disappearing of acne on its own. But don’t you think is it the right way? Skin is so important because it adds a very massive impression on others.

 So, your skin deserves lots of treatment and care. That is why we will discuss someskincare tips you can do by yourself at home to prevent your acne in reducing your personality’s impression on others.

What is acne?

Let’s discuss first that what is acne? Acne is a skin issue that is caused when your skin pores get blocked with oil or debris. This appears in the form of whiteheads, blackheads or different kinds of pimples. This skin problem is most common at a young age due to hormonal issues and skin tendencies to get acnequickly.

How is acne developed?

You must be thinking about how acne is developed? Then let us tell you that your skin has sebaceous glands which are attached to hair follicles. These glands secrete sebum, and they moisturise your skin. When an excess of this sebum and cell debris or external bacteria or dust get blocked in these pores, it turns into a pimple.

Causes of acne:

Now, you must know about the causes of acne that what causes your skin to get acne. Here are some of the main reasons for this issue.

  1. Hormonal issues: on the onset of puberty, the human body starts to produce androgen hormone. This hormone makes the sebaceous gland enlarged, and as a result of this, it has due to increased acne production, which causes more acne in your skin.
  2. Genetics: if your parents and family tend to get acne, this will also be very high. As the sebaceous gland will have inbuilt ability to get enlarged.
  3. Bacteria: skin bacterias can also make the sebum produce harmful inflammatory substances, which will cause your skin to get inflamed and painful pimples.

Self-care tips for acne

The most important segment is to discuss what you should do to prevent acne on your skin.

  1. First of all, try to keep your face clean all the time. Washing it 3-4 times a day will keep the germs away. There will be no more germs collection on your face. This will make the pimples to get better because there will be no more additional dirt on them. For washing your face, you can use different acne cleansers and soaps. You can also use other anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory face washes for washing your face.
  2. Try to wash your face daily at night. Never sleep with an oily or dirty face. This can worsen the situation, and your pores may get clogged with pimples and whiteheads.
  3. When you sleep, keep your pillow cover clean because the pillow may contain some germs, and this can also cause acne.
  4. One of the most common thing that everyone does is that they try to pinch the pimples. Don’t do this. It can worsen your spots and make the inflammation more severe.
  5. The use of various cosmetics, excessive makeup usage, and different skin products containing artificial chemicals may cause your skin to get acne. So avoid doing all such things. I prefer herbal products for your skin.
  6. Try out natural homemade remedies consisting of lemon, aloe vera, turmeric, tomato and other natural ingredients. It will make your skin healthy; there are various homemade remedies available on google about skincare ingredients.
  7. Different types of drugs and steroids intake can also cause acne, so avoid such drugs and medicines.
  8. If you have an acne issue, do not eat too many chocolates and soft drinks. It can make your acne worsen.
  9. Do not take stress, as research says that stress can make the acne more worsen, so make your mind relaxed and calm.

Just by trying these things with little effort and devotion, you can prevent acne for sure.


Five biggest problems with leadership today

A business runs by a leader. There are many qualified and professional business leaders, but do you know why they often get failed in their task? Why are some leaders unable to manage their organization’s problems and conflicts? Several types of research have been done related to this, and these studies have revealed that there are various types of issues in their leadership style. Here we are going to discuss those biggest leadership problems in them. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to become successful as a leader in your company or organization, stay here and read it with profound focus.

1. Communication failure:

CEOs should have to be very professional in their communication. Still, most leaders fail to carry on a successful team because they do not know how to communicate correctly or don’t know how to persuade their team to make his vision the whole team’s vision. Being a leader, communication quality is a basic need because you have to speak at multiple levels. Different types of companies will be your competitors, and you have to compete with them with a united team. For motivating and influencing your team, the communication gap should not be there.

2. Firing issues:

Just ask yourself that who was the last person to whom you said that you are fired? Asking people to go from your company is tough, but being a leader, if that person is not serving your company correctly, then you have to be very strict. Do not make this punishment on minor issues, but if you have felt that a specific person is no more serving or not giving his best to the company for a long time, this is the time to take some hard decisions. Remember this. A company always needs new talent, new ideas and new people for its success.

3. Lack of alignment:

Alignment is all that you need to maintain as a leader in your company. Running a company with workers like fishes in ponds can make your business work messy and low. You should set a decision time and ranking of interference about your workers. This can influence your company in a very positive way. A complete alignment of staff, timetable and different working plans are essential. Companies with flawed alignment systems quickly get finished at a very early stage of their business journey.

4. Accountability issues:

Accountability matters in everything. If you set things free, then this can make things go in the wrong direction. As a leader, you have to see all the system and the management results. Even if great ideas and creative work still do not have the desired and satisfying results, you should know what there some big problem is going on in your organization. So being a leader, try to put out a system on your team which sees their discipline and performance and make it compulsory until or unless you do not see the results. This is how accountability can lead you to get better business performance.

5. No clear vision:

Clear vision is significant. From day one, a leader should be clear about his company’s vision. He should know about his goals and all the obstacles coming his way. A leader with blurred or no vision can never run an empire perfectly. There would be several kinds of failures, and people will not be confident of your leadership. Visions set ways for your work, and you have to make your team hardworking to make those visions into an extensive and successful reality.

Now, you know what you lack as a leader and what you can do to make them better on your own. Being a leader is tough but being active and alert should be your priority when you are taking such a vast responsibility. Thinking in all possible dimensions and then taking action on it with the proper backup plan is essential. It needs a lot of hard work, and you can never be a successful and impressive leader until or unless you do not try to overcome all these problems in your leadership. After overcoming these situations, you can Make your company successful and number one.


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