Many individuals refrain from wearing slippers at home because of their religious convictions or because they consider the practice unhygienic. Although, it is entirely up to you whether or not to wear slippers at home in winter, wearing slippers has several positive health effects. Your well-being can be positively affected by wearing supportive, flat slippers.

At top brands like BIRKENSTOCK, you can find women’s & men’s winter collections of comfortable winter slippers to make you feel cozy at home.

Here are six reasons to wear slippers that will persuade you to put those fuzzy wonders on your feet.

Keeps Common Diseases At Bay

Do you frequently get the flu and colds throughout the year? While strengthening your immune system is something you should pay special attention to, typical blunders could also be to blame. The body’s heat can escape through the feet when you do not wear slippers at home. Blood circulation declines as the body continue to lose heat, which can cause many common health problems. Your feet are protected when you wear slippers, which aids in maintaining regular blood flow and enables your immune system to combat illnesses.

Prevents Fungal and Bacterial Infections

We all believe that our home’s floor is immaculate. Even though it may appear so,  there are numerous germs and bacteria present which are invisible to unaided sight. You cannot prevent the dangerous bacteria from entering the house through water, air, and other carriers, despite vacuuming and mopping. Your feet are better protected from contagious foot diseases like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus if you wear winter flip-flop slippers.

Reduce Your Risk of Contracting the Flu and the Colds

Experts caution that having cold feet can raise your chance of contracting colds and the flu, and it’s no longer simply an old wives’ tale. Experts say that having cold feet affects your body’s ability to fight against diseases and illnesses. In addition to slowing down the movement of the small hairs in your nose that filter out viruses, being cold can also make you more susceptible to getting sick when it’s cold outside.

Help Prevent Domestic Mishaps

Floors made of wood, tile, and linoleum can be slippery, particularly if you’re wearing socks. The soles of BIRKENSTOCK’s winter collection for ladies slippers have some grip. Hence, it can significantly lessen those annoying stumbles and falls that always seem to happen when you’re rushing to answer the phone, answer the door, go to the restroom, and the myriad of other things you do in your house.

Help Keep Your Home Spotless

Your outdoor shoes have dirtier soles than a toilet seat. If you don’t take off your shoes before entering your home, they have a 90% probability of transmitting millions of bacteria, excrement, vomit, filth, and grime to the floor. Make sure to remove your shoes before entering your home and wear indoor-only slippers to keep the filthy grime off your floors.

Slippers Can Improve Your Productivity

Recent research shows that less stressed employees are significantly more productive than their peers! And nothing compares to slipping our feet into a pair of gorgeous, handcrafted lounge slippers made of soft leather! Moccasin-style slippers with structured footbeds, especially those made with crucial comfort components like a cushioning insole, can ensure an unmatched level of softness and relieve your day’s stresses. Nothing compares to slipping our feet into a pair of gorgeous artisan soft leather lounge slippers!

Assist in Prevent Foot Pain From Hard Surfaces

Let’s accept it. During peak summers,  most of us roam around the house barefoot. However, our feet sometimes feel achy and unpleasant the next day. Slippers are beneficial to wear at home since they can shield your feet from those harsher floor surfaces and lessen the likelihood of developing sore or achy feet.

It’s crucial to remember that your feet serve as the framework for your entire body. According to specialists, without sufficient support, foot muscle fatigue has a cascading effect on nearby joints. For instance, foot discomfort can cause knee, hip, back, shoulder, and even head pain. Hence wearing slippers is a must winter regime!