Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Attack

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Attack

We all love dogs; they are the friendliest animal, and they tend to be man’s best friend. Usually, they do not bite, but sometimes they get aggressive and bite. The aggressiveness can be due to a lack of proper training, negligence by the owner, or any type of sickness. The bite can cause serious and hazardous injuries and can result in severe mental and physical distress. There are many laws fixed by the authorities about the behavior of dogs, and these may vary from place to place. It is very hard to keep a cool mind when you are bitten by the dogs of other people, you can file a lawsuit against the owner. Defending the case by yourself can be a tedious job and can be complicated because you are not aware of all the legal regulations, so it will be a wise move to consult a Newport Beach personal injury attorney. This blog will make you aware of some steps that you need to take after a dog bite.

  • Medical help

Dog injuries are very serious; never neglect them. A dog’s mouth is full of bacteria, and a small bite can lead to a serious infection, so you should treat your wound as soon as possible.

  • Be calm

If you encounter a dog bite, you should be calm and perform some initial processes, such as applying pressure to stop the bleeding, cleaning the wound, and applying a sterilized bandage.

  • Call for emergency

You should never sit idle after a dog bite because a minor bite can turn into a serious one. Calling 911 or going to an emergency room will be the best decision, where doctors are always on call, and get tetanus shots right away.

  • Consult a personal injury attorney.

A dog bite comes under personal injury. If the dog of the other person bites you, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog. These cases are very complicated to handle, so hiring the right attorney will help you get the maximum amount of monetary compensation.


In the worst case, a dog bite can turn into a fatal situation in which you suffer from lifelong physical and mental trauma. A small bite can result in a hazardous infection and ruin not only your life but also the condition of your family. You can lose your mobility, and your money-making career can come to an end. So never hesitate to consult a personal injury attorney!