All the Latest Updates on Nick and Judy’s Love Story in ‘Zootopia 2’

All the Latest Updates on Nick and Judy’s Love Story in ‘Zootopia 2’

How many times have you and your best friend been in love with the same person? Well, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde fell head over heels in love with each other in Zootopia, but the sequel to this Disney hit will reveal how the two are getting along now that they’re a couple. But there’s just one problem…Zootopia 2 isn’t going to be released until March 2020! While we wait, here are all the updates on Nick and Judy’s love story that you need to know.

A Recap of What Happened in Zootopia 1

In Zootopia, a cute little bunny named Judy Hopps is a rookie police officer who gets assigned to work with one of her childhood heroes: Nick Wilde, a fox con artist. The movie follows them as they investigate a kidnapping case that involves missing predators from all over Zootopia. Along the way, their relationship becomes more than just colleagues. When an explosion causes a majority of predators to go savage, all of Zootopia is thrown into chaos. Through it all, these two remain loyal friends—and potentially more. You’ll find out whether or not that happens in Zootopia 2!

Does it look like we are going to see love blossom between these two?

Zootopia fans have had their curiosity piqued after seeing a behind-the-scenes video of Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps) and Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde) recording love scenes for Disney’s upcoming sequel, Zootopia 2. The first film didn’t really show us anything other than a great friendship between Nick and Judy; however, we do know that Wilde goes down to Bunnyburrow, where he meets with her parents. At one point, a police dispatcher played by Idris Elba said, Just because two animals are living together doesn’t mean they’re married! But it sounds like there might be some truth to that statement. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Rich Moore teased: There is going to be romance in Zootopia 2. I will say right here on your podcast, there will be some romance. You will see Wilde chasing after someone who is not Judy… That was a big debate at Pixar: ‘Is it going to be Nick and Judy? Is it going to be something else?’ It was always intended as a sequel hook.

Speculations around how they might meet

With Zootopia now a part of movie history, much of fans’ attention has turned to Zootopia 2. Naturally, everyone is wondering how it might be possible for there to be a Zootopia sequel without Disney killing off Nick and Judy after their harrowing adventures in an animal-filled dystopian society. It seems that director Rich Moore hasn’t given up all hope just yet, as he recently shared some exciting news about his hopes for Nick and Judy’s love story in a potential sequel. He even provided all of us with a little more insight into how he views their relationship from his perspective as both a filmmaker and a fan.

How do we think the story will go?

While I have absolutely no inside information, it’s safe to say that there are many questions that need answering. Will they be living together or apart? Who will propose (if anyone)? Where will they be living? What jobs will they hold? If Judy keeps working at ZPD, how is Nick’s relationship with Chief Bogo going to work out? In what ways will their lives differ from their lives as police officers? How do we think it all plays out after their daughter’s first day of school and so forth. At least some of these questions will hopefully be answered when we get our hands on Zootopia 2 sometime next year.