Youtube to MP4 Converter Online – How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP4 Format

Youtube to MP4 Converter Online – How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP4 Format

Online video website YouTube has millions of videos from all over the world, making it an ideal place to find and share interesting content with other people. But if you want to download or convert one of those videos to your computer, you might not know where to start – especially if you’re using a different device than the one on which you watched the video originally. Luckily, this article will teach you everything you need to know about downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP4 format. Let’s get started!

Download YouTube to MP4

To convert YouTube videos into a format that your Kindle Fire can use, simply download and install a free YouTube to MP4 converter online. Be sure to find a converter that allows you to save your converted video in Kindle Fire-compatible format. Once installed, open up your video on YouTube and copy its URL (the long number at the end of its address). Open up your converter, paste in your video’s URL and follow any additional instructions. After the conversion is complete, you’ll have an mp4 file that you can transfer over to your device.

Step 1. Select your video

Before starting with Youtube to mp4 converter online, first of all, you need to choose your video file. Browse your computer and pick any of your desired Youtube videos that you want in mp4 format. Once you have a video file selected, click on the Select button below. Alternatively, you can also drag & drop your video files into the conversion box. Step 2. Choose an output format: Here are some details about output formats for Youtube to mp4 converter online: For Youtube to Mp3 format: You can convert youtube videos from youtube to Mp3 or audio from youtube at high speed with our best free youtube to mp4 converter online site! Just select Mp3 as output and start downloading your converted youtube audio within seconds! Our free tool will help you get original soundtracks downloaded from YouTube without annoying ads or watermarks. Step 3. Start converting: Click the Convert button and wait for a few seconds while converting process is finished! After that download your converted video by clicking the Download link located above the corresponding list. Done!

Step 2. Choose your format

When looking for a Youtube to MP4 converter online, there are three formats that you need to look out for. The first is AVI (Audio Video Interleave), which is outdated and only uses one audio track. The second option is a MOV file, which supports more advanced features such as picture-in-picture tracks. The third option is an MKV file, which will be able to play on most media players while still being high definition. If your goal was only YouTube playback then you may as well skip straight ahead and pick an MKV format because it supports both audio and video in one file.

Step 3. Start conversion

After all video YouTube video formats are selected and loaded, click the Convert button on the main interface of Youtube to mp4 converter online. After you click the Convert button, it will begin converting YouTube videos to mp4 format automatically with high speed and quality. You can also pause/resume conversion by clicking the Pause/Resume button on the main interface. It supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple YouTube videos in one time for conversion. Then it will convert YouTube videos as soon as possible after selecting them for batch conversion. During the batch converting process, Youtube to mp4 converter online will show percentage progress on its main interface so that you know how much time is left for completing YouTube video file conversions. When youtube video file conversions are finished, a popup window with a list of converted YouTube video files will be shown automatically on your computer screen.