Wpit18 Com Registration Process: Is It Legit Or Not

Wpit18 Com Registration Process: Is It Legit Or Not

The majority of people are facing difficulties registering on the Wpit18 Com and are looking to have the information to know the solution. You have come to the right place if you know about this site and its features. This website is mainly used in the Philippines and is known by the WPC and associated with it. Its registration process is complicated if you follow our guidelines keenly. It will help you to understand how to register yourself in Wpit18 Com.

What is the World Pitmaster Cup?

The world Pitmaster cup is when the roosters fight with each other. This game is famous in the Philippines, although many countries have restricted and banned this game because of animal violations. However, WPC is still common in some nations around the world.

What are the rules of WPC?

All the games played in this world have some rules and regulations that the players or participants have to follow. Similarly, the WPC has some rules to be followed by the participants, which are mentioned below.

  • If someone wants to be a part of this game, he should be associated with WPC management.
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  • The game is held by announcing and adequately scheduling the matches.
  • The most important rule of this game is the cock should be healthy
  • The cock must not be fought in 2 to 3 months to avoid any misshapes.

What is the difference between Wpc15 and Wpit18?

The Wpit18 or world pitmaster but Wpc15 is different, Wpc15 is the world pitmaster cup held twice a year. Moreover, this is a tournament in which hundreds of roosters want to participate each year. The people of the Philippines trained their roosters to compete in this battle. Many people think that this game has been banned, but this is not the case. This game is still famous and played in some countries, including the Philippines.
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What is the process of Wpit18?

Wpit18 Com is the website to facilitate the people to know about the information related to the World Pitmaster game and its regulations. You can register yourself in this game through this website. Writing is the first step to making your rooster battle in this tournament.

Once the registration is completed, the participants must comply and follow the rules if they want to be in the game till their turn. Afterward, the roosters will be called according to the tournament’s schedule and fight. During the match, the roosters are strictly monitored to prevent any injury to prevent significant incidents. 

What is the procedure to register in Wpit18 Com?

The Registration process is straightforward and does not need to follow the list of steps you need to register yourself. To do it, go to the Wpit18 Com registration. Then make your account. It will ask you for your information, such as name, email, and password. Once you have registered yourself, select the category according to your rooster. 

What are the Features of Wpit18 Com?

Many other websites provide the live stream of the matchups in the World pitmaster. However, the Wpit18 is giving more facilities than other websites. Below are the features you will be provided through Wpit18 Com.

  • This website is allowing earning money
  • You can make 5000 to 15000 per match 
  • The Wpit18 Com is offering the online transfer of funds.
  • Providing the HD quality live streaming
  • Is providing its services 24/7 

Is Wpit18 is legal?

This Wait 18 is legal in some countries but is banned mainly around the world. Some titles and matches in this game are so risky for your roosters. If you plan to make your rooster battle at the silver or gold level, then think a thousand times because the roosters may lose their lives and have higher chances of having severe injuries. For this reason, it is banned in many countries but is still legal in the Philippines. You can check its website and read all the rules and regulations on Wpit18 Com.


The Wpit18 is doing great in providing its best services to the people interested in the game of World pitmaster. Everyone in the Philippines, which has strong roosters, wants to battle in this tournament, and thousands of people have been registered in Wpit18 Com. Furthermore, the features that Wpit18 Com offers no other websites. Many websites are giving their services in this field by asking for money first. This game has involved and Cockfighting. The life of your cock is not safe if you are participating in this game, so think many times before stepping into it.