As a part of your daily routine, you should use your toothbrush in the morning and at night. Without it, your oral hygiene is incomplete. For some people, brushing their teeth daily has a relaxing effect. However, what about the material used? The chances are that you haven’t thought much about it. Most of them are made from plastic.

Plastic has devastating effects on the environment, which usually takes 500 years to decompose. Their presence in oceans also threatens marine life. Besides, plastic brushes aren’t the best functionally. The best alternative is finding a top biodegradable toothbrush that is eco-friendly and efficient. You will be contributing your fair share to the environment by using them and will also be friendlier on your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Different Types of Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

The most popular biodegradable toothbrushes are made from bamboo. They consist of a handle, bristles, and box. Different companies use various types of bamboo to make them. The box in which they come is also 100% biodegradable. There are three types of bristles in these brushes: charcoal-infused, boar bristles, or nylon. Of these, charcoal ones have a remarkable whitening effect on the teeth. Boar bristles are strong and long-lasting. Those made from nylon are perhaps the most commonly used.

Benefits of Bamboo Brushes

The first obvious benefit of a biodegradable brush is its recyclability. You can be assured of an old one not reaching the ocean or marine life. Its handle can be reused and recycled. Bamboo is also known to be naturally antimicrobial. That means it will kill any bacteria located on the surface. Using them for your teeth will prevent the bacteria buildup effectively. Their handles are also easy to hold and can be adjusted quickly. You can also massage the gums while cleaning the gum line at the same time. Plastic ones are known to cause receding gums while hurting the tooth enamel.

Things to Check While Buying One

Hold the toothbrush and see how it feels. Select a size that works for you. Some people prefer a large size. For children, a smaller size might be suitable. The next thing you should check is the bristles. As mentioned above, you can select from charcoal, boar, or nylon ones. Each of them is effective in their way. You could also check if Nylon-4 has been used since it degrades within a short period. 

Small Tips to Take Care of Your Brush

Since bamboo gets moldy quite quickly, store your toothbrush in a dry place after each use. Make sure that there’s no paste left on the bristles or the handle. You should also replace the toothbrush every three months.

Proper Way to Dispose of a Brush

Although a bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable, it needs to be disposed of properly. Start by removing the staples. Staples are what hold the bristles together and are made either of metal or aluminum. You can do that with pliers. Next, take them along with the handle and dispose of them in a composting bin. If there is a local recycling facility nearby, hand it over to them. The handle can be used as firewood or markers.

You should try to use a top biodegradable toothbrushmade from bamboo or other biodegradable material. Not only will that be beneficial for your teeth and gums, but you will also be contributing to the environment significantly.

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