Why Do Most Companies Adopt a Distributed Team Model?

Why Do Most Companies Adopt a Distributed Team Model?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most companies have adopted work from home to ensure the
safety of their employees. Initially, the business owners were afraid because they were not sure
how they are going to manage the employees who are working from remote locations.

But now they are aware of various benefits of distributed team models. Managing a distributed
team is a little bit difficult, but there are various advantages of allowing employees to work
remotely. Now, many organizations have started adopting distributed team models.
Some companies are adopting a hybrid system in which they are allowing some of their
employees to work remotely and calling some of them at the workplace. This hybrid model is
also good for the growth of the companies.  

What Is A Distributed Team?
Another name of the distributed team is a remote team or the virtual team. The distributed team
is composed of the people who are working remotely or the offices are located in different
Reasons for Growing Popularity of Distributed Teams
Various top and successful companies have recognized the benefits of hiring a distributed
workforce and some of them are Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, etc. They have adopted the
distributed workforce system many years ago and it is further reinforced by COVID-19. Here, in

this write-up, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to hire the distributed team
 Hire Skillful Employees
All companies want to hire talented employees and they are always in search of people who can
help in the growth of their organization. The companies who want to obtain their business
objectives should hire employees across the borders instead of finding people who are located in
proximity to your office.
Therefore, now all companies are hiring employees based on their skills. When companies will
start hiring employees by gauging their skills only, then they can easily achieve their business
due to their high quality of work. By opting for the distributed team model, the companies have a
wide range for selecting talented employees.

 Reduce Expenditure
The biggest benefit of hiring remote employees in the company is reduced expenditure. By
hiring remote working employees, companies can reduce location-based overhead costs. The
organizations do not have to pay for large size commercial offices, prevent themselves from
associated maintenance costs and utility bills. Thus, they can offer lucrative salaries to remotely
working employees.

The team members of organizations that have adopted distributed team models are earning high
salaries. Thus, a distributed team model is not just helpful for the organization, but it is also
helpful for the employees. They can earn well, save money, and maintain a work-life balance.
 High Satisfaction Rate of Employees
A report published by OWLLabs has shown that the employees working remotely are happier
while working remotely as compared to working at the office. It is so because they can give
plenty of time to their family members. They do not have to spend hours commuting from home
to the office and vice versa.

Also, they do not have to pay a hefty charge for accommodation. Thus, working from home has
led to the high satisfaction level of employees. It will further result in an improved productivity
level of the workers.
It means that the distributed team model will help in reducing stress among employees and it will
help the business owners to achieve the business objective. When employees will stay at home,
there is less probability of falling ill and a low rate of absenteeism.

 Increase Turnover
According to the report published by the OWLLabs, it has been observed that organizations are
getting high turnover because of the reduced expenditure and increased saving. They can use

their savings for the growth of their business. Not just business, but employees can also see
growth in their career.
Most of the employees agree with the fact that when high salaries are integrated with work-life
balance, then it helps in growing their career. When employees are happy and business
organizations are getting high turnover, then it helps in reducing conflict between employees and

 Increase Employee Ownership and Buy-In
When contractors and employees are working from a remote location, then there is a high
probability of developing a sense of ownership and buy-in. It results in hard work from
employees and contractors.
Many employees have said that they are working more than 40 hours a week and they do not
have any problem with it. This accountability and ownership from the side of the team can help
in creating a strong team and strong companies.
Wrap up:
The growing cases of COVID-19 and the unpredictable situation throwing companies into a
tailspin. If you want to retain the productivity of your company, then you should adopt a
distributed team model. It will let your employees work safely and efficiently.