Where to Eat in Dubrovnik: 5 Restaurants to Try

Where to Eat in Dubrovnik: 5 Restaurants to Try

Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia known for its history, culture, and beautiful coastline. Once you start walking around, you probably won’t want to leave. It’s hard not to because of what the city offers, but another interesting part of Dubrovnik is its underrated food scene.

The cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean, Italian, and Balkan dishes, and they always ensure that you’re “eating with the seasons.” So menus are ever-changing, meaning diners will never get bored.

If you’re a “foodie,” this might sound like heaven. But since you’re traveling, luggage can be an issue, and you want to eat in peace without it nearby. So Google “luggage storage Dubrovnik” to see where you can place your belongings. Afterward, it’s time for your food tour. Here are a few restaurants you’ll need to visit before you leave.

1. Starza Loza

Starza Loza is one of the most popular restaurants in Dubrovnik. It’s located in the Prijeko Palace and is known for its amazing food and breathtaking views. There’s an indoor dining area, but there are also two outdoor terraces—one on the ground floor and the other on the rooftop (we’ll let you guess where the eye-catching views are).

The meals are reasonably priced and based on local ingredients. Mains include tuna steak or ox cheek. If you’re more of a nibbler, you can get items such as tuna tartare or thyme gnocchi. Either way, you can pair them with a good bottle of local wine or your favorite cocktails.

Starza Loza is an ideal place for tourists to soak up all that Dubrovnik has to offer. But the rooftop terrace sets it apart from other establishments. However, you’ll need to reserve it in advance because seats are limited.

2. Orsan

For those who love a more laid-back vibe while eating, Orsan may fit the bill. It’s not one that most people find because it’s located in Orsan Yacht Club, which is away from the crowded city. But after your lengthy search, you won’t be disappointed.

Orsan specializes in seafood dishes such as octopus salad, various fishes, and oysters. Plus, since it’s located in the harbor, you can watch different boats come in and out of the port. Furthermore, there’s also the option of having a marenda, a light lunch option consisting of a soup, salad, main course, and a dessert. It’s budget-friendly and won’t be too heavy as you continue exploring.

3. Taj Mahal

Although the name would suggest that it serves Indian cuisine, the Taj Mahal actually does traditional Bosnian dishes. Finding this restaurant can be a small adventure because it’s on one of the city’s backstreets. But after eating the food, you’ll appreciate the effort it took to find its location.

This restaurant is all about meat (sorry, veggie lovers). They have some vegetarian options, but it would be better to try those meals elsewhere. Also, the restaurant’s interior is small and intimate, so if you’re not there early, you may be waiting a while to eat.

4. Restaurant 360

Traveling abroad doesn’t always need to be based on budget-friendly meals. Sometimes you may want to splurge a little and enjoy a fine dining experience, and 360 encompasses that. It’s the only Michelin star restaurant in Dubrovnik, so you know you’re in for a treat.

The tasting menus are thoughtfully put together, incorporating fresh seafood and local ingredients. You’ll have a sommelier educate you on the perfect wine to pair with each course. Plus, you’ll have a panoramic view of the city.

But due to its popularity, you’ll need to reserve a table in advance. Also, Restaurant 360 is only open for dinner, so you may want to have an early and light lunch before you go.

5. Glorijet

Finding a restaurant you might like can be challenging when you travel abroad. You’ve never eaten there before, so how else can you know the food is good besides reading online reviews? See how many locals attend.

At Glorijet, you’ll see a plethora of locals there because the food is that good. It’s located in Dubrovknik’s Gruž neighborhood, another seafood hub, so you can guess what menu staples will be. Like, Restaurant Orsan, it also has a marenda, which includes the catch of the day, and because of this, it can get busy around lunchtime. So ensure to reserve a table in advance, so you’re not disappointed.

Try These Restaurants When Visiting Dubrovnik

As you can see, these restaurants embody everything that Dubrovnik has to offer. But to fully immerse yourself, you’ll need to find luggage storage in Dubrovnik. Then you can enjoy the beautiful views, local foods, and wines to your heart’s content.