What is the role of a PPC manager?

What is the role of a PPC manager?

In this digital era, online businesses and services are becoming more common day by day. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the small businesses and physical stores suffered the most. To make up for these losses and survive the pandemic, many business owners have shifted to online selling and retailing. Even before the pandemic, ever since the advancements in the internet compelled many people to start selling online as well. 

A crucial part of business marketing strategies includes advertising products and services online, and PPC (Pay Per Click) is a powerful tool for doing so. The manager who is offering Amazon PPC management services oversees advertising campaigns on various platforms including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others, as well as managing the business’s internet advertising activities. If you are a superb analyst and love to surf the net, you can become a PPC manager.

Who is a PPC manager? 

A PPC manager is responsible for managing Amazon PPC services and campaigns. In addition to developing and executing ideas, it suggests keywords for a client’s website. A PPC manager in a larger firm may be responsible for campaigns and will report directly to the client. In marketing companies with a large clientele, PPC campaigns are usually managed by a single employee. It is the marketing manager’s responsibility to ensure that each client’s marketing campaign is a success. There are several ways to convince a marketing firm to offer you a PPC account manager position.

Role of a PPC manager? 

One term that you will come to hear often whenever there is a PPC campaign being discussed is the ROIs. Atlanta PPC management is a leading agency that offers specialized PPC services to brands, E-commerce websites, and personal individuals (looking for branding). Whether it is Google AdWords, or running Facebook campaigns, a PPC manager needs to know about it all.

As part of their role, PPC managers oversee and manage a client’s campaign. Their responsibility extends to overseeing the marketing campaign within the company. Keeping in touch with his team and knowing what information is at his fingertips is crucial for the PPC manager.

In order to be a successful PPC manager, you need to play the following roles:

Starting the day early

As part of the routine work of a PPC manager, he or she checks in each morning. She/he will be able to plan and brief the team about the future course of action when they have a clear idea of what’s going on with the account. There are a number of advantages to starting early:

  1. As a result of what happened yesterday, the PPC manager will have an overall view of how it has affected the campaign;
  2. Whether it is a flaw or a hiccup in the campaign, a PPC manager can spot them early and take the appropriate steps to correct it.

Monitoring the keywords on a daily basis

PPC managers who work with high-profile clients need to check every keyword carefully as such keywords generate payments of hundreds of dollars, so they cannot risk letting unrelated terms go through. It is imperative that a PPC manager carefully selects the keyword that will boost the sales of the client’s product.

Getting rid of Google Display Sites that are irrelevant

In addition to reviewing the sites where their ads appear on a regular basis, the PPC manager should remove the ads from the sites that produce no revenue for the PPC campaign.

Taking a look at the budget

Taking into account the budget for the ad campaign and ensuring that it is on its way to the monthly target is prudent practice.

Discovering and tracking new leads

A PPC manager could identify new leads for the campaign yesterday that could result in more revenue, and put the team to work on them. The better the work environment and morale of the team, the more likely we will find and pursue new leads together.

How to locate the ace

Google AdWords dashboard can be used by the PPC manager to determine who the top players or the mediocre players are in the campaign, along with the cost. When a keyword spike appears, they can determine if the keyword has been busy. In the absence of one, they move on to substituting a more powerful keyword.

Tracking the placement of ads

The PPC manager should monitor the ad placement in order to find out if the ads appear where the PPC team expects them to appear. Providing this is not the case, the PPC manager must devise ways to reposition the ad in a more positive light.

Taking a break from the ads

Continually checking the Google Ads dashboard, the PPC manager and team need to identify out-of-the-money keywords. If necessary, they should replace the keyword or suspend it immediately.

Keeping up with the other PPC performers

By comparing the campaign’s performance with other channels like social media and organic traffic, they can monitor its progress. When their campaign surges forward, the team will feel a rush of adrenaline. In the Conversions > Goals > Overview menu, they can access the analytics by selecting the “Source/Medium” link. PPC campaign performance is displayed in this tab.

Looking at the Google Ads Alerts

You will also receive Google alerts when it suggests new keywords in your marketing campaigns, as with every other marketing tool. While they may number in the hundreds, it is better to take a quick look at them anyway. The alerts can sometimes contain helpful information or a suggested keyword for a PPC campaign.

Maintaining proper coordination with the client

Sometimes during the campaign, the PPC manager will notice a high surge in the budget of the ad or a sudden deviation from the traffic. This unexpected development could very well be the result of internal controls or a change in the client’s website. If proper communication is maintained, it is easier to get to the root of the problem. This contact should be on a daily basis to combat any crisis that might arise from miscommunication or lack of communication.


The world of internet marketing is growing, and so are the requirements of the business. The PPC manager should have the ability to calculate the risks and the rewards in the field, and they are alone responsible for the decision taken and implemented on a PPC campaign. 

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