Mass Tort

If you got injured or sick after using a product or medication from a commercial company, then you can file a lawsuit against the negligent company to obtain compensation. This is important to get legal compensation if you suffered from a medication that was supposed to help you. It is hard to do this on your own, so it is advised that you reach out to a legal professional as soon as possible. They will provide the help necessary to win your case and be paid back the money you deserve.

What is a mass tort claim?

It is a lawsuit that involves many plaintiffs who have sustained similar injuries due to the actions of one defendant. The defendants are usually corporate entities like product manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. The claim involves individual claimants who get a separate trial, and each plaintiff receives compensation based on the specific losses he or she has incurred. These types of claims and cases are important as some products do not do as they are advised. People deserve to have their money back if they did not receive the care, they were told they would have.

Qualifications for mass tort lawsuits

According to the experienced mass tort attorneys at Kogan & DiSalvo in Florida, a claim will be considered mass tort if many claimants have sustained injuries because of the company’s negligence. In addition, the claimants need to be in the same geographical location or in proximity. Furthermore, the injuries the claimants have sustained need to be similar in nature and their personal injury claims need to be about the same defective product. It cannot be at random everyone needs to have the same types of ailments. This will help to build a stronger case.

Common types of mass tort claims

These claims usually involve corporate negligence, and the common types include defective products or ones that don’t work. Exposure to toxic substances without your knowledge. Illnesses that only came up when you started to take these medications. Natural disasters as they can injure many people at a time.

Defective products

Defective products that have manufacturing flaws, do not provide adequate product information, have design defects, or don’t warn users of hazards, can cause injuries or accidents to people who use them. These products hurt those who did not expect the product to do so. Without the proper warnings on these products, people can be seriously hurt.

Exposure to toxic substances

People may be exposed to toxic chemicals at work, school or home through a defective product or toxic medication. If the product is missing proper warnings or instructions, many groups of people can be seriously harmed. Exposure to toxic substances are hazardous to your health and can lead to life long health problems. 


People can develop injuries or illnesses by using a defective medical device or medication, like transvaginal mesh or hip replacements. This can debilitate you for the rest of your life. If a product is not giving out the right instructions, it can lead to some serious damages on a person. Your well-being is important.

Natural disasters

Man-made catastrophes or natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, floods, or explosions can injure many people who are in the same geographical location. These sorts of natural disasters have a lot of power in damaging those around it. That includes buildings, parks, and personal vehicles. If you are inside or around those areas, you may be in danger of becoming seriously injured.

Recovering damages

Personal injury victims that are involved in this type of litigation may be eligible for financial compensation and can recover lost income, medical costs, reduced earning capacity, loss of consortium and even wrongful death. In addition, in rare circumstances, a judge can award a victim punitive damage, with the aim of punishing the company for gross negligence for producing a product that is harmful to people.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer

A lawyer can evaluate your case and find other eligible plaintiffs to join the claim. In addition, he or she can find witnesses to testify. Furthermore, a lawyer can use his or her knowledge of cutting-edge research to strengthen your case and initiate the process. Since your attorney has the necessary training and education to handle this type of litigation, they can professionally guide you through every stage of your claim. Additionally, a skilled lawyer can negotiate with corporate legal teams and ensure you get maximum compensation.


If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or developed illnesses because of a negligent company’s product or service, then you should immediately contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights and options. The litigator will evaluate your case to find out if you are eligible for compensation or not. If you are, the litigator will fight for you to ensure you get justice. It is your right to get the compensation you deserve especially if it was out of your control. These damages need to be taken care of for your peace of mind.

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