Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Do you want to know about one of the prestigious universities in the world? Then you should definitely read about Wentworth institute of technology. In this article, we will go through the introduction, history, campus life, academics, student life, and notable alumni of Wentworth university of technology. So get ready for the amazing content about Wentworth institute of technology.


Obviously, before discussing anything it’s really important to give an introduction to something. So we would start with its introduction. It is a private institute that offers courses as majors in engineering designing and technical designing. This university is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in the year 1904. And then it started offering bachelor’s degree programs with master’s degree programs. Its education was mostly career-focused that’s why it got huge popularity. Its motto is “Honesty, Energy, Economy, System”. Its president’s name is Mark A Thomson. It has an academic staff of 134 people. Its campus is located in an urban area with premises of 31 acres. Its most common colors are red yellow and black. It has a leopard mascot. Plus, it gives affiliation to NEASC, NAAB, Colleges of Fenway, and AUCIM.

History of Wentworth Institute of Technology:

Now let’s start discussing the history of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Arioch Wentworth was a rich Boston Business. In 1903, he decided to donate a big part from his estate almost 7 million dollars as he wanted to establish an industrial school in Boston. In 1904, seven people were incorporated as the board of directors so that they may help in making education a mechanical art. After that these directors worked really hard for this institution. They tried to look out for the educational needs of the community and they also increased the endowment funds. Then they also become successful in reaching a settlement because of the contested will by Wentworth’s daughter. After all these things, it was made in Boston’s Back bay fens. After this Arthur L. Winston became the first-ever principal of this institution.

On September 25 of 1911, Wentworth decided to make a technical school for almost 242 students. Then in 1919, there were almost  1800 students which were studying under the staff of 45 teachers. Then in 1957, it took the place of a degree-granting institution. And it gave its first degree in 1970. Coming forwards, this institute got its very first female in 1972. Then it got upper and lower divisions of college in 1977. Zorica panic was the first female of heading an institute of technology for higher education commission in the United States. Then November 2009, In November 2009, this prestigious institution became the master’s degree giving institute. Finally, in 2017, it got approval as a University from the Higher Education Department of Massachusetts.


Wentworth Institute of Technology offers a bachelor’s program in eighteen different types of technology, design, engineering, and management majors.


Let’s see the ranking of this university. Every institution is ranked on the basis of its performance and results. The Wentworth university is ranked as;

  • 38 under Regional universities North
  • 64 under best value schools
  • 98 for top performers in social mobility


The campus of Wentworth is located in Fenway which is a neighborhood of Boston. It consists of 15 buildings that are being used for faculty, laboratories, offices, classrooms, administrative facilities, classrooms, and athletic services. It has nine residence halls. Students who are enrolled for full-time study can live in them. These residence halls are situated under main campus buildings. Plus it shares different facilities with other institutes too. It is also a member of the colleges of Fenway. This institute has collaborating neighborhoods with Northeastern University, Massachusetts College of Arts and design, college of arts and designs with a museum of fine arts.

Student ratio:

The total enrolment of students in Wentworth Institute of technology is

  • 4341 undergraduates
  • 175 graduate students
  • Out of which 79% students are Males while 21% students are females.


This technology institute is highly selective with a 69% rate of selectivity. Most of the students which get selected have an SAT score of 1060-1270. And their ACT score is from 22 to 28. But the thing is that only one-quarter of students achieve this range while others remain below this range. The application deadline is always rolling while the fee for the admission test is fifty dollars.

Life at Wentworth Institute of Technology:

The student and faculty have a ratio of 18 to 1 on the campus of this institute. Almost 40% of this school’s classes take place from less than 20% of students in class. Most of the students enjoy a lot in this prestigious university. There are many popular courses on this campus which are Construction engineering, mechanical engineering, Architecture, biomedical and bioengineering, and also computer sciences. There are different caféterias inside the campus. The university also arranges entertainment programs for the students. It is a great package of knowledge and learning with entertainment and fun.

Notable Alumni

  • Vahe Aghabegians who is technology adviser in Armenian government.
  • Luther Blount (MC&TD ’37) who is an entrepreneur and a prolific inventor
  • George Chamillard (IE ’58) who is a former chairman with CEO of Trading.
  • Russell Colley (MC&TD ’18) who is a prolific inventor with a NASA engineer
  • John B. Kennedy who is a city manager and a politician
  • Joe Lauzon (BCOS ’06) who is a professional mixed martial artist.
  • David Lovering (EET ’82) who is a musician and a drummer for Pixies
  • Stephen F. Lynch (CMW ’88) who works as a representative for United States.
  • John A. Volpe (AC ’30) who is the Governor of Massachusetts

Now you know everything about this institution. It’s a perfect option to take admission if you are pursuing engineering or something in design. Its degree is really worthy of taking. If you get the opportunity of getting into this institution then don’t think to reconsider the option of Yes. Just go for it in one thought as it’s the best thing that can happen to a student’s life.