We’re still months away from Christmas, but every year for gatherings and parties, women face the same dilemma: what jewellery should I wear? Will this look too much or will that look too little. This Christmas will be different for sure if you go through our list of jewellery items that are absolutely perfect for a Christmas gathering occasion.

  1. Silver bracelet

You can never go wrong with a studded silver bracelet. It brings out any outfit, especially an evening gown. If you’re having a very casual Christmas gathering with family or friends, even then a silver bracelet will enhance your look. It can either be plain metallic or have a few diamonds on it, it could also be entirely studded. Although the entirely studded one is a little over the top, but it depends on what look you’re going for. Nevertheless, like we said, it simply cannot go wrong.

  • A statement neck piece

Want to stand out and be the centre of attraction in the gathering or event? Then don’t shy away from wearing that statement neck piece that you bought long ago but never wore till now. If it’s an evening function and somewhat formal, then you’d definitely be wearing a gown and then the statement big, fat neck piece will go just fine with it. Be prepared for a lot of heads turning as you look stunning in the entire get up.

  • Cocktail earrings

Christmas gatherings seldom have cocktail parties, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear a cocktail dress. A little change is always appreciated. And what goes perfectly with a cocktail dress: a pair of cocktail earrings. They can be either studded or plain metallic, both look good. The best part about cocktail earrings is that they make you look dressed up without going overboard. The subtlety is still maintained so you can carry off any look with ease and comfort.

  • Large crystal ring

When it comes to dressing up for gatherings, one usually focusses on earrings and necklaces. But finger rings and hatton garden engagement rings are also equally important. You can find a lovely ring to match your other pieces of jewellery. Our personal favourite is a large crystal ring. It could be diamond or even an artificial crystal but what matters is how prominent it looks on your hand. Such big sized rings are in trend these days and they focus attention on one’s freshly manicured fingers as much as on their slender necks and delicate earlobes.

  • Delicate layered necklace with pendant

If you’re not the statement neck piece type, that doesn’t mean you should leave your neck empty. Wear a delicate three layered necklace or rather a cluster of chains. Some of them have a diamond pendant, while some are simply decorative looking chains in multiple layers that cover the portion from your neck to chest and look absolutely gorgeous with a low neckline dress. You can find really good pieces with Lab grown diamonds hatton garden.

Some like it flashy and some like it plain, but nevertheless, the point of dressing up for a Christmas gathering or party is more than just show-off; it’s to celebrate togetherness with family and friends and share the love that all have for each other.

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