How to Use TTU Blackboard

How to Use TTU Blackboard

You’ve just decided to take classes at Texas Tech University or you are currently taking courses here, and you are wondering how to properly use TTU Blackboard, the university’s learning management system. Whether you’re taking your first course here or you are about to graduate, it’s important to know how to utilize this tool to its fullest extent in order to stay on top of your coursework and complete all of your projects, quizzes, and exams on time. Below are some tips and tricks that will help ensure that you have an easy experience while utilizing TTU Blackboard.

What is TTU Blackboard?

think about a time when you were late for class. Now think about a time when your professor was late for class. Now do yourself a favor and forget both of those scenarios; you never want to miss out on important information in a lecture, so you’ll want to become acquainted with TTU Blackboard. You can use it not only as an alert system but also as an interactive tool to keep up with discussions and assignments. Here’s how: go ahead and click on my courses under my account, select your desired course, and then follow along—you never know what might happen! And don’t be afraid to contact professors if you have any questions. They’re there for that exact reason! Good luck out there!

Getting Started

TTU Blackboard is an online learning management system (LMS) that allows students and faculty to engage in all aspects of teaching and learning. Once you’ve registered for classes, Blackboard allows you to see syllabi, access course materials, submit assignments and interact with fellow students via message boards. You can also take quizzes and participate in other learning activities on sites such as T-Pot. Additionally, using your username and password from one Texas Tech website enables you to log in seamlessly from any other Texas Tech website, including a variety of information resources such as Texas Tech Today Online.

Search and Grade Center

When you’re searching for an assignment, look in both TTU Blackboard and ttu Direct. They contain different types of assignments, so they don’t always house identical documents. Before grading an assignment on ttu Direct or handing back a graded paper on paper, make sure it is correctly coded in TTU Blackboard. The right coding makes tracking student progress easier and prevents duplicate work by streamlining grading processes.

Discussion Board

This technology is an extremely popular way of organizing and accessing information, ideas, and discussion between large groups of people in higher education. While it’s definitely not a new technology (blackboards have been around for centuries), it was updated recently with features that make it much more user-friendly, searchable, and powerful. With many colleges and universities adopting blackboard as their digital learning management system (LMS), students often find themselves logging in to ttu blackboard at some point during their college career; so you might want to figure out how to use ttu blackboard if you haven’t already!

Group Web Page

The first thing you need to do when starting a new course is set up your group web page. Do so by going to your Group Web Page and then clicking on Create New Group Page. A pop-up window will appear and ask for basic information about your groups, such as name, instructor, URL, site title, and slogan. Once you’ve completed these steps, press Save at the bottom of your screen. Then begin editing! Be sure not to leave any blank spaces on your page; all blanks that aren’t completed can be viewed by other students in blank mode and create an unprofessional image for you or others in that class.

Handouts and Outlines

TSU WebCT does have a tool that allows instructors to post all of their course materials in one place for students. Instructors can make handouts, powerpoint presentations, and detailed outlines available as downloadable pdfs or web pages. These materials are accessed by logging into WebCT and going to my items>user documents> instructor-defined folders. This will allow instructors to provide students with all of their coursework in one central location. TTU Blackboard does not have a similar feature but does have some basic tools that can be used for posting handouts and outlines. Instructors can create a webpage on which they can upload all of their course material and then direct students to that webpage with lecture notes included as embedded links on every page.