Truck Accident Claim Procedure in Atlanta -Explained! 

Truck Accident Claim Procedure in Atlanta -Explained! 

A truck accident case is most likely to cause death to its victims. Trucks could be risky, and the victim needs to stay safe and be aware of the claim procedure after the accident. However, hiring an atlanta trucking accident attorney might become necessary given the complexity of a truck accident claim. 

Many truck accident victims are not aware of the claim process that takes place after the accident. Being aware of the procedure could benefit the victim in many ways. For instance, the victims could deal with the situation better if they were knowledgeable. 

How you can file for a truck accident claim?

  1. Hiring an attorney 

The victims often think that hiring an attorney in the truck accident claim won’t be helpful. Instead, hiring a truck accident attorney in Atlanta before filing for an insurance claim could be necessary. The claim process requires the victim to provide evidence and proof for assigning fault. It would be more helpful for the truck accident victim to hire an attorney since they could help them gather proof and preserve evidence. 

  1. Informing the insurance company 

The victim should inform the insurance company about the accident at the earliest. The claim could be rejected if the victim reports to the insurance company after the deadline. Typically, the victim has a few days to report the accident from the accident date, but it would be advisable to report it at the earliest. 

  1. Legal authority 

The victim would be required to present a report from the police about the accident. These police reports are used as evidence that proves the occurrence of the accident. Once the victim has the police report, they can proceed further with the claim procedure. 

  1. Photographic evidence

If possible, the victim should click pictures of the accident that indicate damages and loss. Photographic evidence could be the most crucial evidence. These photographs could include the stills of the truck, accident scenes, landmarks, etc. The victim can lodge these documents to their claim application with the help of an attorney. 

  1.  Submitting documents 

Once the victim has informed the insurance company and the police about the accident, applying along with other legal documents could be the next step. The victim must prepare their application and include proof in it with the attorney’s help. 

  1. Meeting with the insurance executive.

The victim would need to meet with the insurance executive before finalizing the claim’s verdict. The insurance adjuster or executive would determine all the accident factors and ask a few questions to the victim. The victim must meet with the insurance executive and wait for the decision for the claim process.