Triumphing Over Transition Troubles: 8 Tips for Managing Your Life in Between Moves

Triumphing Over Transition Troubles: 8 Tips for Managing Your Life in Between Moves

Are you planning to move out of your home into a new place? You might have started feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work a move requires. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can read about the steps you should take to have a successful move. Keep reading to ensure you triumph in your transition to a new home. 

Establish an interim address for mail

Are you concerned about missing important mail during your big move? If so, you should try setting up a virtual mailbox. Your mail will get forwarded to a remote location where the staff will scan everything to an online portal. You can then view your mail online.

Change your mailing address a couple of weeks before moving

Before you get right into the never-ending actions of moving day, you will want to change your mailing address ahead of time to organize all your future correspondence. You don’t want to miss vital mail, so take the step a few weeks in advance. It will take only a few minutes. You might even get to do it online.

Research moving companies and hire the best choice for you

Ensure you research and look over customer testimonials before hiring a moving company. Not all movers are made equal, so try to find the most reliable one in your area. With great movers, you will get set up in your home more quickly, and your things won’t get damaged.

Clean the home for the new occupants or landlord

You will need to pack up and clean the home to ensure nothing is left behind. You can get rid of old things that you can’t donate. Sweep up the floors and remove stains to get your security deposit back from the landlord. 

Donate your old or unneeded items

You may want to contact a local charity to see if they will pick up your donations. You can also eliminate old things by donating to the Salvation Army. 

Set up utilities and payments in your new place

You don’t want to end up in your new place without working electricity, water, and heating. So, set up utilities ahead of time. Also, you don’t want to pay extra at your old place, which means you need to contact the utility companies to create an end date for the services.

Pack everything up in boxes and bags for the moving company

Bring heavy-duty garbage bags to pack all your clothes, towels, and pillows. Use these things as cushions when putting the boxes of plates into the moving van. You can also use hampers and suitcases to reduce the number of packages for packing. 

Use a to-do list for moving day

Moving is not an easy thing to do. As such, you’ll want to make a to-do list and follow it so you don’t miss any necessary tasks.

Wrap up

If you follow the eight tips above, you should succeed in moving to your new place without encountering any significant problems.