Top Skin Care Products of the Year

Top Skin Care Products of the Year

Over the year 2021, we have had enough time on our schedule to think about health. Some of us only thought about health, others took action and got one step closer to their desired health and body. Today, we are talking about one big aspect of health: skin care.

When you have to video call your friends and workplace three-four times a day, you can’t help but think about your skin. Am I looking a little dull? Am I getting dark circles? These are the questions that everyone had in mind. And thankfully, skin care products were there to answer these questions. 

Innovation in the skin care industry didn’t halt because of the pandemic. As a result of that, we got some stockpile-worthy products to take care of our skin. Brands like Mamaearth kept providing us with its natural skin care products. 

Today, we are going to talk about the top skin care products that kept our skin afresh the whole year. We will reveal why we chose some products over the others. And we might also drop our favorite picks here and there. Keep reading to know who got the next skin care award!

Top Skin Care Products of 2021

Most skin care products are cyclical in nature. This means that they are more usable in one season than others. Similarly, in the last year, we discovered that we were using some products more than others. Here are the top splurge-worthy skin products that got the job done for us:

Under Eye Cream

Let’s confess it, our sleeping schedule is totally wrecked. Lucky are those who still manage to sleep early without falling into the pit of endless social media scroll. But not all of us are lucky. And guess what is the first thing that gets affected with reduced sleep? It’s the under eye area. 

Thankfully, a quality under eye cream can treat all your woes related to under eye skin like dark circles and dullness. In the past year, under eye creams saved our looks by giving us the following benefits:

  • Illuminated Under Eyes: There is nothing better than waking up and seeing yourself in the mirror with fresh and bright under eyes. Under eye creams brighten our under eye areas and reduce pigmentation. 
  • Reduced Puffiness & Dark Circles: If you choose a quality under eye cream, it will make the dark circles disappear and reduce the puffiness. Bidding farewell to these two problems is what makes your look perfect for a Zoom call. 
  • Moisturizes Deeply: Just like other areas of your skin, under eye also requires moisturization. An under eye cream application is perfect for that job. 

If you ask our pick, we like Mamaearth Vitamin C Under Eye Cream with Gotu Kola & Niacinamide. Along with giving you the above-mentioned benefits, it also soothes your skin with its in-built electric massager. 

Face Wash

Lesser outing doesn’t mean that your skin does not need cleaning. On a regular inside-the-home day, we touch many objects with dirt and pollutants stuck on them and then we also touch our face. You can imagine the results of such things for your skin. 

Charcoal face washes won the award here as they proved to be very efficient in deep cleaning the skin. Here are some results that you get from regular use of charcoal face wash:

  • Detoxifies Skin: Activated charcoal has a super ability to penetrate deep into your skin pores and root out harmful substances such as dirt, impurities, and various toxins.
  • Controls Oil & Unclogs Pores: An activated charcoal face wash is the arch-enemy of excess oil. The best part? It removes oil without drying up moisture on your skin. That is the reason why it became the number one choice of people in the last year for unclogging pores and controlling oil.
  • Anti-Pollution Nature: People thought that nature is healing and the pollution is getting under control. But sadly, we know now that is not the truth. And hence, you still require a face wash that captures and removes pollution, dirt, and makeup from your skin. 

Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash deserves a mention here as the face wash proved itself best for bringing back youthful, clean, and oil-free skin. 

Face Masks

People had ninety-nine problems this year but lack of time was not one. And with plenty of free time on their watch, people chose to give a fresh treat to their skin with face masks. Here is how face masks give radiant skin to people:

  • Reduces Blemishes: Stubborn blemishes can ruin your flawless looks. But a quality face mask can combat dark spots, prevent the production of excess melanin and ultimately give you a blemish-free appearance. 
  • Promotes Even Skin Tone: Uneven skin tone is the result of pigmentation and oxidative stress. If you pick a face mask with ingredients like Vitamin C or honey, it can reduce oxidative stress and give your even-toned complexion. 

Natural skin care brands like Mamaearth are winning the race here too. In the last year, people chose Vitamin C Bamboo Sheet Mask to get much-desired skin. 

Face Serum

Stress can take a toll on the glow of the skin. People realized this early and started incorporating face serums in their routine. With their lightweight and non-greasy formulas, face serums bring back skin radiance in no time. Here is why face serums became the darlings of skin care enthusiasts this year:

  • Retains Moisture Balance: The most important benefit of a face serum to the skin is hydration-lock for long hours. If you pick a quality one, face serum can give you as much as a 24 hours period of hydration lock. Do you think anything else can compete with a face serum?
  • Gives Natural Glow: Instead of giving temporary fixes to your skin, face serum makes the skin supple, repairs skin cells by going deep into the skin. All of these accumulate and bring back your natural skin glow. 
  • Lightweight Formula: Unlike many other skin care products, face serums are made with a lightweight water-based formula. This formula helps face serums in going deep into the skin layers. 

Natural face serums topped the list of people’s favorites. Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Serum with Turmeric and Saffron was one of the top-selling face serums – all thanks to its zero-toxin, all-natural formula. 

If you haven’t tried these products, now is a perfect time to do so. Thousands and lakhs of people have got great results for their skin with these products and now it’s your turn to reap the benefits.