This is How You Do a Barrel Roll

This is How You Do a Barrel Roll

You might remember this trick from games like Star Fox 64 and X-Wing, where the barrel roll (or just barrel roll) was a way to avoid enemy fire. Today I’m going to show you how to do a barrel roll in real life, but this time we’re not dodging missiles – we’re going to be dodging traffic in downtown Tokyo! Be warned that this might get your driver into some trouble, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Do it on Google Chrome

One of Google Chrome’s more bizarre Easter eggs was do a barrel roll. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to perform one, here are a few tips: 1) Go to Google Chrome and type in ‘do a barrel roll.’ 2) Once your cursor turns into an airplane, hold down your left mouse button and move your mouse around in circles. 3) That’s it! It’s super-simple… but I wouldn’t say it’s very useful unless you’re going for that thrilling edge in your day. Now that you’ve learned how to do it, go forth and impress!

Do it on Mozilla Firefox

To do a barrel roll on Firefox all you have to do is open up Google or any other search engine and type in do a barrel roll without quotes. Then click on I’m Feeling Lucky button, scroll down until you see in big white letters do a barrel roll, and then click on it! Voilà! A barrel roll will start right away! If you don’t see do a barrel roll anywhere on your screen, just click again I’m Feeling Lucky button and again. The result of doing that should be some sort of silly animation with your browser window rotating for about 10 seconds (or more). Do not try to copy what’s written here because if you do so, chances are that something might go wrong during execution (for example, maybe instead of an animation there will be just black text on your screen). So please follow instructions exactly as they are given above!Who’s ready for me to kick their ass? 😉 Good luck everyone!!

Do it on Safari Browser

To do a barrel roll in Safari, press Command-Option-8 on your keyboard. (On an Apple mouse, hold down Control and spin your mouse wheel.) Your page will immediately rotate like an airplane taking off into a barrel roll. Please note that if you try to perform a barrel roll while surfing on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, nothing will happen because those browsers do not allow you to issue keyboard commands from within their browsers. But don’t worry, we’re going to teach you how to Do It On Chrome or IE.

Do it on Internet Explorer (IE)

Open Internet Explorer and type in about:internet without quotes. Then, press enter. This should take you to your internet options, where you’ll find a line reading ActiveX Filtering. Click on that and it should bring up three checkboxes under ActiveX Filtering. Put checks in all three boxes, then click OK to save your changes. You can close IE now. Next go to your address bar and type in about:robots. Hit enter again and at least 50 results should appear on screen. Scroll down until you see one that says do-it-on-internet-explorer. Click it and a video of Mario doing a barrel roll will play! #science!

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