Things You Should Know Before You Start Decorating Your Kids Room

Things You Should Know Before You Start Decorating Your Kids Room

There are a lot of roles that a bedroom plays in the well-being of a child. It is their favorite hiding spot, their study, a safe space that they can retreat to if they want. To design a space that is extremely personal to your child, keep in mind their hobbies and age. You should also keep in mind how the space will be used as sometimes, bedrooms also double as playrooms and study areas. Understanding how the space will work is critical. Take into account everything that your kid likes and dislikes, anticipate their needs and design a space that they will love you for. 

Choose A Color Palette 

One surefire way to quickly brighten a space is to use colors. But different colors bring different energies into a space. Here are some examples :

  • A color scheme such as yellow, orange, or blue stimulates creative thinking and play. 
  • Green, brown and beige are more earthy tones which help in grounding the bedroom and ensuring a sound night’s sleep.
  • Consider grays, warm neutrals, or dark hues that provide warmth to the space.
  • Bright wallpaper with a funky design  can help brighten up a space. 

Whatever colors you choose to pick, you can always embellish the room and use accessories that will tie your room together. 

Create Comfort 

The whole purpose of a room is to feel comfortable. Your child should feel at ease as soon as they step into the room. A nice rug, a comfy mattress for your boys bed, some fluffy pillows, a nice warm quilt and soft curtains will immediately make the room look and feel cozy. 

Having their belongings like books, trophies and frames will also give the room a personal touch and make them feel safe. 

Get In Some Funky Furniture

Getting furniture for your kid’s room is no child’s play. Depending on whether your child is going to study or not, you can get a wooden study table for kids that matches their wooden bed. Bring in furniture that works well together and can be used for multiple purposes like a sofa with pull out units that can be used for storing things. 

Make The Space Fun For Everyone 

Just because you are decorating a room for your child, doesn’t mean it has to be fun only for them. Design the space in such a way that you and your children can bond and spend time building blanket forts and playing together. 

Adding some family photos is another great way to make the space feel open to everyone else in the family as well. 

Plan For Storage

Kids come with a lot of things. Toys, books, random trinkets that appear in your home with no clue as to where they came from (if you have a kid, you’d know). Storing all these things not only requires space but also smart storage solutions. Incorporating furniture that will double up as storage spaces like beds, sofas, study table cum bookshelf will all help you keep the room neat while letting your kid have their stuff at arm’s reach. 

Decorating your kids room can be a fun thing and bring you and your child closer together. 

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