Things To Know Before Buying Medicine Online In Canada

Things To Know Before Buying Medicine Online In Canada

We have analyzed the conditions for the remote sale of drugs in Canada according to the documents. In practice, there will still be overlaps and incomprehensible cases. Still, the new procedure can be borne in mind: it is already in effect, pharmacies have to settle the formalities with the documents. This will help not only those who are on self-isolation but also those who are sick themselves or loved ones.

What Is Online Selling Of Medicines?

Online selling is an opportunity to order, pay for and receive medicines without visiting a pharmacy.

Before the new law, no one had the opportunity to buy pills for headache or antipyretic drugs entirely remotely. Sites for ordering Canada Drugs in pharmacies had to work without home delivery. You could place an order, but you had to pick it up yourself. Formally, the pharmacy could not deliver the medicine itself; it was also impossible to call a courier. The services that took orders for delivery of medicines did so, bypassing the law. No one controlled them, buyers took risks, and the pharmacy was not responsible for anything.

Products, for example, could be ordered and waited at home. And they were not allowed to do this with medicines: order, but go to the pharmacy to pick it up.

What changed? Now it will be possible to choose, order, pay and receive medicines without leaving home at all. They will be delivered by pharmacies themselves or by courier services. This can save you money if the nearest pharmacy is expensive. And it will be possible, without violating the self-isolation regime, to buy everything you need for health. It will also make it possible to provide medicines to loved ones who live alone and cannot get out. And most importantly, now this whole system is under control. And the pharmacy is responsible to the buyer and the state.

What Medicines Can Be Ordered Remotely

Distance selling is only available for over-the-counter drugs.

The following drugs will not be sold with delivery:

  • Prescription.
  • Psychotropic.
  • With an alcohol content of more than 25%.

The remote sale of prescription drugs can be authorized by particular order in an emergency or the threat of the spread of dangerous diseases. Coronavirus infection is on this list.

How To Place An Order

The docs list these options:

  • by phone. The phone number of the ordering service or information service must be indicated on the website of the pharmacy chain;
  • through the site. It must be mandatory;
  • in the mobile application, if any.

When ordering, all information about the medicine should be available: how much it costs, the expiration date, when to use it, and how to store it.

How Can You Pay

The pharmacy chain must make it so that the buyer can pay for the order remotely. This can be a prepayment – before receiving the order. Or payment on the spot – when the courier delivers the purchase to your home.

You can pay by electronic means of payment, such as a bank card. Upon receipt, you can pay in cash. Information about payment methods for remote ordering should be on the website.