These Project Management Courses May Be The Career Boost You Need

Project managers are the most vital part of any organisation. They are responsible for planning, initiating, executing, controlling, and closing projects. Project management, when done correctly, helps organisations to run smoothly and grow exponentially. Therefore, the need for project managers is increasing day by day, as they possess the skillsets required to handle projects effectively. Several entry-level and professional-level project management courses today help beginners and professionals kick-start and advance their careers. 

It is observed that only 23% of organisations worldwide use project management practices. Additionally, many organisations use these practices in only some departments, whereas some do not use them. As companies have experienced economic fallout due to the pandemic, they are investing in project management extensively.

Top Project Management Certifications To Boost Your Career

The Accredited Project Management Bundle will help you run an organisation more smoothly. It includes three courses: PRINCE2 Agile Project Management, APM-PFQ Project Fundamentals, and PRINCE2 Project Management. This bundle will help you understand how the project cycle is and how the project management environment looks like. Along with the Accredited Project Management Bundle, another gold standard project management certification is PMP. 

  1. APM-PFQ Project Fundamentals 

The Association of Project Management has developed the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APM-PFQ) Certification. This credential is intended for new project managers and team members to learn project management fundamentals, like processes, tools, and languages. Moreover, it covers project lifecycles, project planning, scope management, risk management, issue management, leadership, teamwork, quality management, etc. 

There are no prerequisites to earning the AMP-PFQ course, as it is an introductory certification. To achieve this certification, individuals have to appear for the exam consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions. The time duration is one hour, and the passing score is 60%. You can take the exam either online or in a classroom. 

  • PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation And Practitioner 

PRINCE stands for Projects IN Controlled Environment. The Prince2 Project Management course consists of two tiers: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level certification demonstrates that individuals have a strong understanding of the PRINCE2 method and can work effectively as a team member with the PRINCE2 supportive environment.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is ideal for individuals who manage projects. It helps professionals to learn about how to apply PRINCE2 techniques and methodologies in projects. To earn the Practitioner level certification, PRINCE2 Foundation is a prerequisite. 

  • PMP Certification

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. It is a gold standard and widely accepted certification. You can seek the PMP certification online at home or in the office as per your schedule. This certification demonstrates that holders are proficient, highly skilled, and experienced in project management. To earn the PMP credential, one should meet the below prerequisites. 

  • Applicants should hold a four-year degree or a diploma, or an associate’s degree.
  • Individuals should undergo 35 hours of PMP training.
  • A four-year degree holder should possess 36 months of experience directing and leading projects, whereas associate’s degree holders require 60 months of experience leading projects. 

If individuals skip 35 hours of training, they should hold a CAPM certification, an entry-level project management credential. 

  • PRINCE2 Agile Project Management Foundation And Practitioner 

The PRINCE2 Agile course is ideal for PRINCE2 project managers. It also involves two levels – Foundation and Practitioner. 

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course can be taken by individuals who are a part of a project team that works in the Agile environment. It allows individuals to learn about Agile, PRINCE2, and how to use both collectively in an enterprise. There are no prerequisites to earn this course. 

The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner is intended for professionals who work with individuals engaged in project management and project delivery. Earning this certification requires an individual first to achieve the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation credential. 


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