The Science of Writing Jingle Ads

The Science of Writing Jingle Ads

We all know that jingles are slogans with the touch of tune to make them memorable. They represent the brand, and in some cases, they also represent a product. We will be lying if we say that we do not remember any jingles or slogans by heart because we know many jingles and sayings relating to different industries. They may not be famous internationally, but they will be famous nationally. The fame of the jingle depends upon the need of the brand. If they are capturing a market that covers different countries, then the jingle should be equally famous in all those countries, but if this is not the case, then the fame can be limited to the area of the brand. 

Now writing jingles is an art in itself. Not everyone has a mind to capture the perfect slogan with the perfect tune. It would not be a lie if we say that writing a workable jingle is a science as a lot of thought, process, and analysis are needed to make a worthy jingle. But what is the science of vocals? The science of lyrics doesn’t only include how they are made but also includes why they should be made. We will discuss both of the portions for you.

Why are jingles necessary for advertising? 

There are many reasons why brands create radio jingles or commercial jingles. We are discussing the two most fundamental reasons for making them below:

  1. Awareness of brand:

Jingles are associated with the awareness of brands because it’s scientifically proven that it is easier to remember a tune than words and phrases. When words or phrases are attached or mixed with melodies, it gives people’s memory a brighter chance at retaining the brand than any other advertising technique. Once a consumer hears your jingles or sees it in a commercial, the consumer will be able to remember the brand and the message it was trying to convey. This helps the consumer make a choice when it goes to buy the product your brand is offering. Creating awareness is one of the most fundamental reasons for creating jingles. Creating jingles have gotten easy to develop in the modern-day world due to many obvious reasons, i.e., technological advancement. 

  1. The persuasiveness of jingles:

Music helps in embedding the message in the consumer’s mind and psyche. Many pieces of research and studies have shown that music stays in your head longer than you can imagine. This act is involuntary, and you don’t necessarily have to memorize the jingles. That is the true art and science of jingles. The best jingles stay in your mind and make your brain work without much effort from you. So, the vocals and thoughts to be persuasive are deemed necessary for advertising a brand or a product.

How can you make practical and workable jingles?

In the modern-day world, an average mind sees thousands of advertising jingles daily, and to be honest, it is tough to turn a corner and not see an advertisement or brand promotion. Some brands are doing this by explicitly showing themselves as they advertise; other brands use thought-provoking messages and highlights to do the advertising and marketing, but they are not as much visible doing so. There are several ways of making a memorable and effective jingle for commercial ads. Some of the forms or methods are discussed below:

  1. Simple and short:

A friendly and effective jingle is not written to be understood technically or be ambiguous. It is written to reach people of all intellectual levels. It should be simple and also short. If your jingle or slogan is very lengthy, then it may cause people to lose interest. So, the lyrics should be really short but quite understandable by almost everyone.

  1. Catchy:

The other name for catchy is memorable. If your jingle is short and catchy, people will memorize it in no time and involuntarily. Not only the lyrics, but the music should also be catchy for the whole jingle to work. For example, “I’m Lovin’ It” is a jingle used to represent Mcdonald’s. It is catchy, and the tune is also catchy, which makes it successful. 

  1. Brand reflecting message:

Whether you intend to make a YouTube jingle or for a brand, jingles are made to advertise the brand or the brand’s product, so; it is fair for a lyric to reflect the brand’s message and promote what the brand feels. For example, the jingle “Har Aik Friend Zaruri Hota Hai” is related to a telecommunication brand in India. This jingle shows the importance of connecting with friends and how every friendship is essential; which is the purpose of the telecommunication brand, to keep you connected to the people you love and adore or the people who are important to you.