The role of an explainer video for your business

The role of an explainer video for your business

An explainer (explainer video, explain business story) is one of the video production formats in video production (literally – an explainer video), which is used to describe and present your product, service or company and then sell them. Explainer videos becomes an integral part of online business.

What tasks does the explainer solve?

  • The explainer logically and concisely shows a large amount of information in 2-3 minutes.
  • Unobtrusively lists the benefits, motivating to purchase a product or service.
  • Increases conversion and attracts customers.
  • It reduces the time of sales managers to communicate with customers.

What is the best explainer video?

Good explainer video:

  • short;
  • understandable and easy to remember;
  • personal and inspiring;
  • relevant to the brand;
  • giving an answer for what the business was created;
  • appropriate target audience;
  • as high quality as it could be.

A good video tells a good story. On the one hand, this is an explanation, but on the other hand, this is the beginning of a viewer journey – into your brand. After viewing it, the viewer should be interested, imbued, and concerned. In general, do not remain indifferent

Video type

Animated promo videos

This broad category includes 2D and 3D, motion graphics, hand drawn pictures, kinetic typography, and puppet animation. The videos consist of moving graphics, music, typography, and voice-overs.

For whom?

Animated explainer videos help businesses put on a friendly, colorful face. They can make serious topics (traffic) a little easier to understand, and dry ones (finance) fun. Hand-drawn and typographic animation also allows you to break down complex topics into exciting moments.

Videos with real people/actors

The most common subtype is a video featuring one character (usually the owner of the company) explaining the essence of the product/service on camera.

For whom?

These videos introduce the audience to the people behind the brand. A good way to create a first impression if your company is not yet known or is just about to launch. Also useful for companies that have a personal story or mission. Tell this story face to face to create a connection with your audience.

Recording an image from the monitor screen

You simply film a process from a computer screen and overlay a voice on it explaining the steps of the process. Instead of a voice, such a video sometimes contains minimal animation, which allows you to watch it in silent mode without losing information.

For whom?

Not the most exciting way to talk about a product. It is more suitable for software, but can also be used to demonstrate a well-organized process or algorithm. Other types of promo videos talk about how a product improves your life, and screen recording gives a visual demonstration of this. If the key to selling your product is its impeccable functionality, then this type of video is for you.

Wins trust

Earning trust is of the utmost importance in this day and age when there are several brands selling products similar to yours. Buy from people they trust.

Your entire content marketing strategy is based on how to earn consumer trust and build relationships with them. Videos allow you to do it faster and better.

When you create informative videos that add value to consumers’ lives as well as help them find what they’ve been looking for, it can make your brand highly reputable. Consequently, your customers begin to trust you.