We often hear about “good links” and “bad links,” but what determines the quality of links? First, what types of links can have a huge impact on a website’s ranking? Find the right links”, which is extremely important in SEO skills.

Link building services small business. It’s no secret that PageRank (PR) isn’t the most valuable link building. If the most valuable The page with the highest page rank should always rank higher than the page with the lowest page rank. Still, PR is one of the information that can be obtained directly from Google. I tend to stick to the PR of the first page, but The PR of the page is important, so you should get as many links from high PR pages as possible. If you want to quickly find the PR of a page You should install a toolbar showing “PR in Toolbar”.

Referral domain.

I think that the analogy “Links act as ‘points’ for your site” is very straightforward. But what if the same voter voted over and over again? Search engine algorithms tend to focus on the number of domains linked to your site. This is because the returns for getting links from the same domain multiple times are low. When evaluating your chances of getting a link You should look at the number of domains linked to your site. (or web page)

Fortunately, this information is available using the SEO toolbar.

as well as the total number of links This toolbar uses the Majestic SEO API to tell the number of referrer domains:

To get information about the referrer’s domain at the page level, go to Majestic SEO and enter the URL of the page you’re interested in. You will then see the number of referral domains:

Domain authority.

Domain Authority (DA) is Moz’s standard, with pros and cons, but many SEO insiders believe that transfer agencies differ from site to site, even if the PR is the same. Links from sites with high DA are often said to be more effective in SERPs than links from sites with low DA.


Reliability is a very important metric in link construction. Like PR, credibility is sent through the link. Attempts to retrieve links from trusted sites can be very effective in reducing the risk of being preyed upon by Google updates. In particular, as Moz points out, sites with higher credibility and authority rank higher on Google’s SERPs than sites with less credibility and authority.

Backlink with context.

The value of search engines where the link appears on the page. Links placed around content on the footer, sidebar, and other pages are generally less important than links embedded in the content.

Guest post.

The guest posting effect is high. However, many sites that accept guest posts follow the process of pushing links into the abysmal “history”:Click here .

Biography links transfer some credibility and authority to the site, but they are far less than the power of contextual links. However, it is possible to link to relevant content on your site to get contextual links. However, hiding or spamming is strictly prohibited. If you insert a link into an article, you will quickly backfire.

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