Santa Reminds Us – Believing is Seeing

Santa Reminds Us – Believing is Seeing

SEATTLE, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — I will tell you a secret – Santa’s magic is the Christmas spirit. Wondrous stuff! It powers the sleigh, makes reindeer fly, and even bends time and space so Santa can visit every home in one night, and twinkle himself down chimneys. What is Christmas spirit you ask? It is all those qualities that we cannot touch, but only feel and do our best to share with others – love, kindness, gratitude, belief. Santa has more Christmas spirit than anyone, anywhere. If you had even half as much as he does you could do magic too!

Santa is excited to visit with your family

You know what else? A little goes a long way, if you carry a dash of Christmas spirit in your heart every day, you will start to see magical things happen around you. Its true-believing is seeing! All things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23). And, seeing is believing too – here at we get to see the Christmas spirit in action every day, and share the good cheer and wholesome uplift of a video-Visit With Santa with your family.

Santa Claus is jolly, generous, and fun to be around. He teaches us to be thoughtful and giving, to work hard and play harder, to be good sports and good neighbors. Santa teaches us to be kind to every kind, to care and to share, and always do our best. Santa keeps the warmth and spirit of Christmas alive in our homes and hearts all year. is our family’s gift to your family – delightful, live, online video calls with the jolly old elf himself from the comfort of home. Afterward, pay the joy forward by sharing your Keepsake Video with friends and family. Video visits make wonderful gifts for families, colleagues, clients, and kids of all ages. Give memories to last a lifetime, consider gifting this enchanting experience. Going from Santa’s lap to your laptop, tablet or phone is easy, affordable, and makes a positive difference in the world. 

About A small, family business supporting our neighbors near and far, since 2016 – awakens the spirit of Christmas, nurturing enduring belief and childlike wonder by inviting families to enjoy a wholesome, heart-to-heart live video chat with Santa Claus. Santa is excited to visit with your family.