It’s tiring rolling dough and then ensuring it’s the right size and shape. And it’s more tiring when you have to prepare a lot of rotis on a daily basis.

Your daily chore can be a lot more manageable if you invest in a quality roti maker from Alibaba. Rotis or chapattis are made quickly and easily with these machines, and the taste stays the same. But the best thing is, you won’t have to worry about burnt chapatis. Interesting, right?

Well, then, let’s look at the essential features of a roti maker so that you can buy one right away.

A Curved Base

Roti makers that have a curved base are easier to control and work with. You can easily place the dough on the surface. Not only that, such base aid in making the chapati around and fully puffed.


Because you are going to make chapati in the machine, it should have a non-stick coating. Otherwise, the dough will stick right on it and create a complete mess you wouldn’t want to handle.

Power Display

Power display is another feature you need to look for in this machine. The power display will let you know when the device is on or off. It’s added for adding the ease-of-use so that you don’t burn your hand while handling it.

Temperature Regulator

It would be best to make sure that the machine of your selection has a temperature modifier or regulator. As the name suggests, this feature helps control the temperature so that your roti comes out correctly. The regulator also ensures safety by letting you know when to take out the prepared chapati.

Now that you know all about the essential features, you should also know before buying the best roti-making machine. Here is a good guide:

  1. Don’t Invest In Cheap Ones

A cheap roti maker is not the best investment. Even though it’s a natural urge to save some money, it’s not a good idea with these machines.

Make sure to get a branded chapati-making machine. Doing so would ensure that your rotis are all the same size and taste good. On the other hand, a cheap machine can lack these two factors.

  1. Leave the Dough For An Hour

For making softer rotis with a roti maker, you should let the dough rest for 1 hour. Because then the glutton on the dough will get time to form and make the roti softer. But if you are in a hurry, you can minus the time to 10 to 15 minutes.

Make Softer and Stickier Dough

To make rotis in a machine, you need to prepare the dough stickier and softer than you used to make. Add 15 to 20% more water to the dough, and no need to knead it excessively. Let it sit, and then make rotis as you please.

Investing in a roti make can reduce your daily effort and time. That means that you would have some time to yourself to spend as you please. Just make sure it’s a quality product.

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