Reasons why students struggle with maths and tips to overcome

Reasons why students struggle with maths and tips to overcome

Among several other academic subjects, the most important one is mathematics. From primary, elementary, secondary, senior secondary to higher education, you will find this subject everywhere. But hearing from students of all ages that they are finding maths difficult to deal with and study is quite common.

Students face difficulties in understanding and performing well in mathematics due to various reasons. Let us figure out the reasons behind students’ struggle with maths. Along with it, we will be discussing some effective tips that students must follow to become smooth and efficient with mathematics.

Reasons behind students struggling with maths

1. Lack of patience

 Maths questions are all about getting the right answers. But facing a few difficulties in getting the right answer and solution is not a major problem. But when students lack patience, they start finding maths difficult and struggle with it too. Many students feel that they should get the right answer in a single attempt only. They lack the patience of re-solving and trying the questions again. Even if mathematics is not that difficult, it is for students who lack a patience level.

2. Lack of regular practice

Mathematics is a subject that demands consistency and regular practice. With so many different questions, applications, and concepts, all cannot be covered in less time or a single day. Also, when the maths syllabus is running every class, and students don’t practice regularly, maths becomes a challenging subject to deal with.

3. Deficit basic understanding

Math concepts are interlinked with one another. A basic maths concept learned in elementary classes will be used in several detailed and complex topics too. If one’s basics are not strong, it means their foundation is weak and one can’t lead effectively further. If students don’t have a good command of basic mathematical operations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it becomes very challenging for them to understand higher maths topics such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

4. Believing in assumptions

When we start believing in what others say, without putting in any self-effort, struggling with any subject will surely happen. There are many false assumptions and stereotypes that girls are not good at maths and boys are, don’t go for maths in higher education, maths is very challenging and many others too. Several students start believing in these and develop maths fear, anxieties, further struggling with their maths studies.

5. Irregular to classes

Mathematics is surely a slightly complex subject because of its figures, applications, and concepts. And dealing with it alone can be a struggle and difficult situation for students. When learners don’t attend math classes regularly, they are not able to understand the concepts well. And since maths concepts are interlinked with one another, students face difficulty in understanding the further lessons too.

Maths study tips for students

  • Make a formula chart your best friend

In maths, every concept, application, and question is based on formulas and equations. To overcome your struggle of getting the right answers and solutions, all students must prepare a chart of all formulas and make it your best friend. Paste the formula sheet near your study table and keep revising them whenever you sit for studying. When you start solving maths questions, refer to these maths notes, and formula charts to solve them with more accuracy.

  • Use technology

Sometimes, students are not able to understand properly from mathematics textbooks and guides. And this problem can be overcome by using technology. The most convenient form is using a mobile teacher app to access modules, PowerPoint presentations, educational videos, visual notes, and other study materials to understand mathematics better.

  • Start with example questions

Many students make a mistake that they directly jump to the main textbooks exercises which have complex questions. And this can create a problematic situation for them. All students before moving to the main exercises must do example questions first. By solving examples, students can get familiar with the types of questions and patterns to solve.


Struggling with maths is a major problem that several students of all ages face. Lack of practice, patience, less basic understanding, irregularity in maths classes are the few reasons behind it. But all these problems can be overcome by being regular and practicing every day. The above mentioned are the tips which students can follow in this regard.