RCA Universal Remote Codes

RCA Universal Remote Codes

It is pretty annoying to juggle between multiple remotes. It makes your watching experience so bad. You have to take several minutes to change the settings of the remote, and you would be still not sure that which of the remotes for soundbar, TV, or DVD you would need it. Here’s where the RCA Universal Remote comes in. here is the guide to set up the main controller and to program the RCA Universal Remote Codes.

Functions Of an RCA Universal Remote Control

When you are using a complex system like theatre or gaming system where multiple other devices are interconnected you get confused.RCA Universal Remote is the solution for it. You can throw all the remotes away and control all of the things with one remote that is RCA Universal Remote Control.

How to setup RCA Universal Remote Codes

Turn ON the devices you want to control with RCA Universal Remote. Check the batteries of the remote as well.

In order to set up the RCA Universal remote codes, simple steps are given below

  1. Turn the device ON that you want to set up with RCA Universal Remote.
  2. Point the remote at the device. Press and hold the TV button. ON/OFF button will light up.
  3. Press and hold the TV and ON/OFF button. ON/OFF button will turn OFF and then ON.
  4. Release both the buttons after the ON/OFF button lights up.
  5. Press the Play or Slow button of the remote for five seconds. Your device would turn OFF.
  6. In order to turn the device ON, press and hold the reverse button until it turns ON.
  7. Press and release the Stop button to store the programming of the component.
  8. Repeat the same procedure for all the other devices you want to program with RCA Universal. Press and release the stop button to keep on storing the information of every device.

How to Setup an RCA Universal Remote Control By the direct entry of Codes

  1. Check the batteries of the remote if they are working.
  2. Turn on the devices that you want to connect.
  3. Press and release the button of the device.
  4. Press and release the TV button and enter the 4 or 5 digit code that you would choose from the codes list. The ON/OFF button will light up.
  5. Press and hold the device button and ON/OFF button. The light-up button would turn off and turn OFF by itself.
  6. Release both the buttons when the ON/OFF button re-lit.
  7. Click and hold the Play button for 5 seconds. The device would turn off. If it doesn’t turn off, push the play button for 5 seconds.
  8. Now press and release the reverse button to turn ON the device.
  9. Press and release the Stop button to store the information.
  10. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the devices by adding corresponding RCA Universal remote codes.

Here the codes are given. You would need to choose the code from this code list https://myuniversalremotecodes.com/rca-universal-remote-codes-for-tv-cable-and-dvd/.