Quest diagnostics is working as a reference lab for many labs in the whole world. This institute is serving more than half of the United States. The 250,000 physicians and many hospital accounts are working with the help of better decision-making due to this company. No doubt, it is one of the leading providers of diagnostic testing and insights. It provides all the information and services which are needed to make a better health decision for a person. It works in the area of several expertise such as cancer, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.

Quest diagnostic is presenting several groundbreaking ideas to deal with patients’ health issues. Plus this prestigious company has delivered 20 billion tests in the whole world over the past years. Now it is serving its best services in Brazil. It is providing efficient logistic solutions and information technology which is making the patients and the health care providers able to get seamless support. Come let us discuss it in huge detail.

Diagnostic services:

Quest of Brazil provides access and services to their workers and health care providers through Nichols institute, Athena Diagnostic, and many other Quest businesses. They work for supporting the leading hospitals, laboratories, clinical research organizations, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies through the help of offering operational support in Brazil. Plus this is made to deliver and discover diagnostic innovations and insights which help make human health better. Its diagnostic criteria and solution’s impacts are amazing. It is presenting a wide range of services which is benefitting the

  • Healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Life insurance companies
  • Employers

Test offerings to clients in Brazil:

Two of these tests are being offered in Quest diagnostic Brazil;

  • Quest diagnostic test directory
  • Athena diagnostics test catalog

Facts and figures:

Quest diagnostic is the world’s biggest and leading provider of diagnostic services and information for making the client’s health better. They can take better health decisions through this. The same is the purpose being served in Brazil. They’re offering the broadest access to diagnostic services and diagnostic testings. This company is doing this through the use of different clinical laboratories and patient service centers. It provides interpretative consultation with the help of scientific and extensive medical staff. Plus, quest diagnostic is a pioneer institute for innovative diagnostic tests.  Now, let’s discuss some facts and figures related to this;

  • 45000 employees are working every day for the betterment of different patients.
  • It provides interpretative consultation by having 700 MDs and PHDs by becoming the largest medical and scientific staff.
  • It is serving experience to clients in 50 countries; such as employees work in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • This serves almost half of the USA and its health care providers.
  • It is a pioneer in giving LC/MS/MS methodology for different tests in the whole of Brazil.
  • It offers a variety of tests that come in leading and innovative projects. This includes gene-based testing and routine test to complex biological tests.
  • It is offering international logistics for brazil patients and they manage the capability of the export process of sample.

Clinical solutions:

Quest diagnostic institute is working for making specialized and customized solutions that can help many patients to get care and it would attract many needy ones towards your institution. Plus when you are working for a quest diagnostic center, you can have access to several clinical franchises.  All these franchises are committed to developing better market products so that they may improve patient outcomes.

This is serving the solutions in the following areas;

  • Cardiovascular
  • General health and wellness
  • Cancer diagnostics
  • Infectious diseases
  • Neurology
  • Women’s health
  • Prescription drug monitoring

Global logistics:

Quest diagnosis has experience in taking care of specimens in international markets. It commands a streamlined market network for ensuring that your specimens are transferred accurately and efficiently. They use the shipping method for this. This route export system has an experience of checking the specimens with maximum observations and skills; several standard operating procedures deeply focus on

  • Packing and labeling of specimens
  • Handling of specimens
  • Temperature-controlled shipping

There is a huge team in Brazil for handling this specimen export system. They offer a complete logistic service for transferring the specimens from Brazil to the United States. All the staff members work hard to check any problems and issues in specimen exporting.

Innovative tests:

The new thing about quest Diagnostics in brazil is that it is working with two new tests. It is passionately serving the world by developing innovative and groundbreaking test tools and products so that patient care can be enhanced. It provides information for transferring the information of customers through knowledge and insight. Here we are going to discuss those tests. So let’s starts;

  1. BRCAdvantage:

As you know that breast cancers and ovarian cancers are very common among females. They are affecting the females in a very bad manner. Most of the reasons are due to environmental factors but some of the reasons are because of heredity issues. The reason for the occurrence of heredity cancer is that parents have the mutation on their gene and they pass it to their children with the gene BRCA1 and BRCA2. This can be transferred to a son or daughter. Different changes and arrangements in such genes are responsible for triggering cancer in the breast with a percentage of 3-5% and it can cause cancers of the ovary with 15% chances. Moreover, changes in these genes are also associated with the increase of risk for breast and prostate cancer in men.

  • Cardio IQ:

This report gives an in-depth and detailed insight into your heart condition and its health. It deeply analyzes your heart’s health. This analysis is based on several factors which range from basic lipids and fats to lipoprotein sub-fractionation.

You can take all the services by making an account on its my quest app. Through this app, you can save your time too.  Furthermore, if you have gone through diagnostic testing then you can see the results online too. With remarkable success, Quest diagnostic testing is being increased in the whole of Brazil.