7 Fixes for Outlook [Pii_Email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error

7 Fixes for Outlook [Pii_Email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error

Error code [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] on Outlook is very problematic and frustrating since it blocks your access to the important information and emails. When you something prevents you from using the useful email accounts, it can be an absolute disaster in terms of productivity. You always need your Microsoft Outlook client.

Outlook.com is a powerful online email client that comes free with Office Online. But Outlook desktop app is even better in comparison to the web variant. However, errors can still show up in both online and offline Outlook editions. With just a few clicks, you can fix many common Outlook problems, as long as you know what you are doing. Try these techniques to get rid of the ongoing problem and access your emails and schedules.

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How to Fix [Pii_Email_aba60da269ef4f852768]?

The methods given in this article are for resolving the Outlook error code:

1. Verify if Outlook is up to date

An outdated installation is a fast-track to Outlook clutter, particularly if you’re using a work computer. You are probably well aware of which versions of Outlook and Windows are installed on your home system, but you may not be aware of this information at work.

You may not have the necessary credentials to do this on a work computer, but if it’s at all possible, it’s worth using Windows Update. When Windows Update is blocked, try this using the admin user profile?

2. Using the Recovery Assistant tool

Microsoft knows that a user can experience technical problems while using their Office apps, so they have developed a tool that may be able to automatically fix any errors.

You can navigate to the Outlook Help Center to open the Recovery Assistant to fix the Outlook when it is affected with the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error. It is also useful when the client cannot receive email. You can also use it if the app demands for your user password and program show an error that reads, “Trying to connect.”

3. Turn off the Compatibility Mode

In case you have installed Windows 7 and you stumble upon the “unable to open Outlook” problem, you can use the compatibility mode to resolve this blunder. Compatibility mode makes it easier to access the app on various editions on Windows.

  • To check if compatibility mode is enabled, search for the Outlook.exe file on your hard drive or navigate to it in a File Explorer window.
  • If you are using Office 2013, you can find the EXE file under Programs> Microsoft Office> Root> Office 15 or Programs Files (x86)> Microsoft Office> Root > Office.
  • Please make a right click on Office exe and then strike the Properties choice.
  • Visit the Compatibility option.
  • Uncheck all options available there and make a tap on the Apply button and then on OK.

4. Using Safe Mode to Fix [Pii_Email_Aba60da269ef4f852768]

In case Outlook starts acting up and the “in progress” message appears on your screen, open the Office Outlook appp in safe mode. Integrated problem solving that fixes problems at the root, without essential applications interfering. You can access Safe Mode in various ways, even if Windows 10 no longer starts. Learn more to diagnose the problem.

To do this, enter the Outlook.exe into the search bar, and run it as an administrator.

In case Outlook works correctly in the safe mode, exit the app and restart your device normally.

5. Repair the Installation

Outlook [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] problem is often triggered because of the damaged installation or corrupt files. However, it corrupt files and installation is curable by repairing the app.

To repair the Outlook, go to the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel. Find the version of Microsoft Office you are using, right-click and select Change.

You should see options that will allow you to repair the installation – depending on the version of Office you are using, they may vary slightly from the image below.

Run the Repair operation and see if it resolves [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] issue on your system.

6. Rebuilding Outlook essential files

In case Outlook is not functioning correctly, it could be due to the corrupt Program Files. You can repair the Program files with the Repair Tool that comes with Windows 10.

The Automatic Repair Utility is a hidden Windows diagnostic tool to fix glitches on your computer and its apps. Search for “scanpst.exe” to find it on your system and run it carefully.

This was a short article on how to fix the outlook error [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] and we hope it worked for you.