When communicating with information technology (IT) professionals about their activities, it sometimes seems that these people speak only slang that they can understand. True, IT people, as they are called, have a special accent that is difficult for people who are not related to information technology by the nature of their work. Bank managers and personal workers sometimes have to hand over the level of IT professionals – applicants for vacant positions – or IT Support London managers to intuitively determine a candidate’s role.But there is another approach to meet the requirements – hiring an IT recruiter among the bank staff or signing a contract with an IT consulting company to provide services to provide candidates for IT professional positions.

Who is a successful IT recruiter?

The widespread use of computer programs, devices, and their frequent updates creates a constant need for IT professionals in all branches of business. There is a constant demand for programmers, developers, database professionals, and other IT technicians. In credit institutions, such professionals have special requirements for knowledge of specific banking programs, which significantly reduces the range of applicants who can fill vacancies. HR professionals engaged in staff selection find it difficult to fill such gaps, for the common reason they often do not understand the specifics of the work of IT professionals and do not have enough time to figure it out due to the large number.

Size of other works.

For this reason, and with the aim of releasing the IT Manager from the basic selection process for his departmental candidates, the Bank has appointed an IT Recruiter in the HR Division. Typically, this position is open to large companies. The main requirements for an IT recruiter are as follows:

Awareness of the subtleties of IT professions

Ability to assess IT specialist on resume, maintain clear communication over the phone.

Ability to interview candidates.

Proficiency in technical English.

In the field of information technology, there are many specific words taken from the English language, so to speak, a kind of slang. It is difficult to work as an IT recruiter if you do not know these rules. In addition, many IT professionals are fluent in English and prefer to submit their resumes in this language.

Ideally, the position of IT recruiter is conducive to the practice of recruiting professionals with experience working in IT departments (not required by the bank) and those who, for one reason or another, decide to resign. A little bit of professionalism. Of course, understanding the characteristics and work of the HR manager is very important for the IT recruiter – such an expert should have a well-delivered speech, he should be able to talk about and have information technology in public language. Communication features. In addition, the IT recruiter must have the desire for constant communication with candidates and the ability to analyze professional and personal characteristics.

Specialized skills and responsibilities.

The IT recruiter must know about the popular information banking technologies and understand the IT terminology as mentioned above. This is important for this expert:

Must be able to accurately describe the requirements for IT vacancies for their placement in networks, media, and recruitment agencies. nderstand and evaluate candidates’ resumes. Too often, IT professionals do not know how to introduce themselves, they make uninformed resumes or, conversely, include a lot of information in them.Click here .

Effectively design questions for candidates. A telephone interview can significantly reduce the time it takes to select an IT professional, so the IT recruiter will often need to assess a candidate’s professional level by phone. Support newly hired IT professionals during the first days of work, help them join the team, identify how to interact with professionals as part of their duties

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