Nsc11 Pro Water Softener Review:

Nsc11 Pro Water Softener Review:

Water softeners have become inevitable due to the increased deposition of salts in household water. With the innovation of water softeners, it has become feasible to get rid of hard water. It would be best to be mindful before investing in a water softener, as it is essential to check for its proper functioning.

Mostly, the water softeners can be heavy on your budget, and the cheap ones are not worth it. To provide you a genuine suggestion for buying a water softener, we have come up with a detailed of the nsc11pro water softener review:


The NSC 11 pro water softening system is a budget-friendly option perfect for a family of 1-7 people. The system is compact and has a remarkable capacity of 11 liters. The bonus that comes with this model is its installation kit that makes the process chaos-free. NSC 11 pro is an excellent replacement for costly water softeners and functions with remarkable efficiency.

Noteworthy Features:


A prominent feature of this model is the ease of installing the system. You don’t need any specialist to work that out for you. Instead, you can manually set up the system using the kit provided. The system requires the setting up of just two basic parameters, including hardness and time. After the initial settings and assembling, the system is good to go on its own.

Not vulnerable to deformation:

The commendable feature introduced in this model is its polyethylene salt cabinet. This property prevents the chassis from deforming and is an excellent improvement compared to locally available water softeners.

Excellent use of electronic techniques:

The system is equipped with high-standard electronic technologies that retain statistical and mechanical data even at blackout. This function is possible due to the addition of a black-lit LCD for tracking the date. Furthermore, an innovative monitoring system is installed to note the water usage.

The smart control of all the factors, including the working of turbines, track of water regeneration, and days of functioning, makes NSC 11 pro a good choice.

High flow rate:

This water system has been upgraded to ensure high-pressure flow, which increases the productivity of this water softener. Families having high water usage can opt for this model to fulfill the needs and get a large amount of soft water as an outcome.



  • Everything is included within the box, including bypass, hoses, and the installation kit
  • Intelligent control of statistical records using the monitored system and black Lit LCD
  • Quality material at a compatible price
  • Low salt usage
  • A compact system providing effective results
  • Capable of meeting the water need of 1-7 people
  • High pressure and water flow


  • It can be a bit expensive for some people
  • The water holding capacity is less


Concluding all the facts stated above, it is clear that the NSC 11 pro water softener is a smart choice. The purchase should only be made keeping in view all the requirements that you want as a priority. If the water capacity and price match your requirement and budget, respectively, this model can be suitable for you.