Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy has always been an attractive woman, but I’ve noticed a big change in her appearance since she starred in the film Spy alongside Jason Statham and Jude Law. She looks great, and I think it’s because she lost so much weight! I’m not trying to be rude or mean to her or anything, I just think that some celebrities need to know that if they don’t take care of themselves then they might not be acting forever.

An Introduction

Melissa McCarthy is one of today’s funniest comediennes and actresses. Although Melissa has struggled with her weight in years past, she seems to have gotten it under control since starring in The Heat with Sandra Bullock. Even after having a baby, Melissa appears to be at her pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, if you watched Tammy or Spy, you might not even realize that she’s had a baby! What is Melissa’s secret? How did she lose all that baby weight?

A Look At Her Before and After Pictures

Melissa McCarthy is a talented actress and comedienne. She has been in multiple shows on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. She was born Melissa Ann Mcarthy on August 26th, 1970 in Plainfield, Illinois. Her father owned an auto parts store and her mother worked at a local hospital. Melissa attended both Waubonsie Valley High School and Columbia College Chicago where she majored in theater. After graduation she moved to New York City to pursue her acting career. In 1994 she made her television debut with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno . Her first major film role came when she appeared opposite Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary (1998). In 2005 she landed her breakout role as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls . Her next big role came when she starred opposite Ben Stiller again for Night at the Museum (2006) which went on to become one of his most successful films to date grossing over $250 million worldwide.

The Diet She Followed

She turned to personal trainer and nutritionist Maria Mercedes, who created a diet for her based on how she already ate. There was no cutting out carbs or any of that, Melissa says. Instead, she focused on portion control and making better choices with what she did eat. For example, at dinner Melissa had to remove half of her meat from her plate before eating it.

What Next?

It has been a busy few months for Melissa McCarthy. In addition to participating in various interviews, photo shoots and movies, Melissa has found time to lose weight! Here’s what she told Elle magazine about her weight loss journey: It wasn’t like, ‘I am going to get skinny!’ It was just that I didn’t want to be heavy anymore. I do my best if I can feel as light as possible. And what did she eat?

Final Thoughts

If you look hard enough, you’ll realize that every magazine in your local grocery store is about Melissa McCarthy weight loss. She lost a lot of weight for her role in Spy, and almost all of her co-stars went on to lose weight too (SNL being no exception). You can’t blame them though—McCarthy has clearly found a way to shed pounds effectively. If you’re looking for more information on Melissa McCarthy weight loss, take a look at her wiki!

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