Meet the world’s first NFT gaming marketplace with cross-chain and multichain support

Meet the world’s first NFT gaming marketplace with cross-chain and multichain support

We can say with confidence that 2022 will be the year of the NFT. Every day many events cannot be ignored by either the financial sector or the arts. And since NFT is a synthesis of these two social phenomena, the result will not be long in the coming.

Every crypto enthusiast knows the meaning of the word NFT very well. Irreplaceable tokens, or NFTs, are digital (cryptographic) assets that work on blockchain technology and have their unique identification code and metadata set, which makes each NFT unique, one of a kind. Each such token is different from the others. It is important to note that the technology itself took root precisely in the field of art, both at first and now. With the help of NFT, young creators have been able to earn start-up capital, and promote their vision, create and share masterful masterpieces with the whole world. Over time, the value of NFTs has been appreciated by collectors, traders, and the entire crypto community. All sorts of genres appeared – video games, music, paintings, photographs, videos, films, etc. Any kind of original and creative activity has its own NFT, and nowadays a whole collection.

The question arose about their regulation and manipulation with them. After all, like any cryptographic asset, each NFT has its value. It is how platforms specializing in providing services, buying/selling/trading, and other operations related to NFT, the so-called marketplaces, appeared. They have shown themselves excellently both from the side of finance and from the side of the development of the industry and the community. However, NFTs also have a downside. Most of all NFTs are developed on the Ethereum network. This detail often repels users of another network from using NFT (the problem may lie in the high commission or other personal factors). At the moment, active development is underway to introduce cross- and multi-chain elements for all NFT Marketplaces would greatly facilitate the work with assets and attract a much larger audience.

Since the beginning of this year, despite the cryptocurrency crisis associated with the fall of Bitcoin, the NFT market has shown itself to be much more stable and stable. People continued to trade their game collections, which helped make the industry worth $11 billion. That is why it is now more important than ever to maintain this trend to support the young and developing field of digital finance. It is where a cross- and the multi-chain solution comes to the rescue.

Multichain and cross-chain NFT Marketplace Explained

The issue of cross- and multi-chan is extremely acute for the overall development of the industry. In simple words, these are certain technological solutions that will help the NFT to make the transition from one blockchain to another without the use of fraudulent or outright scam platforms. At this stage, this technology is extremely rare, but development is carried out daily. First of all, cross- and multi-chain will provide the NFT Marketplace with the ability to work with several chains, which will directly give impetus to attracting an audience using different blockchains. Since the multi-chain technology is transparent and open, each user can always track where, when and by whom his transaction was sent, which minimizes the risks of fraud. In addition, this has a positive effect on the internal NFT ecosystem since by using cross-chains, users increase liquidity due to the presence of NFT in a particular blockchain.

Octogamex the world’s first cross-chain technology-based NFT marketplace

Octogamex NFT Marketplace is an innovative cross-chain platform whose grand mission is to serve and support gaming NFT. The platform provides a huge variety of services, including trading, exchange, collecting, auction, etc. In addition, Octogamex provides its users with an analysis of NFT collections and Play-to-Earn, which are very popular these days.

However, one of the most original features of the platform is its multi-chain nature. After registration, the user can choose one of the eight available blockchains, which will allow him to make transactions on his own chosen coin. In addition, the platform seriously relied on the first-of-its-kind unique solution – NFT Bridge. It is a unique feature that other marketplaces do not have. Its essence is very similar to a cryptocurrency bridge: without using third-party resources, you can transfer your NFT from one blockchain to another and back if necessary. It simplifies the exchange and trading of NFTs. Plus, the user does not spend huge sums to pay off the commission. And this cannot but rejoice. You can see for yourself by using the OctoGamex site. 

ElephantLab – pioneers of modern blockchain product development

So, OctoGamex Marketplace was developed by ElephantsLab. It is an unusual community of enthusiasts whose main goal is to exploit and study blockchain technology. It is a research and development company that has developed and maintains many successful products that have been warmly received by users.

ElephantsLab – founded in 2018 in the UK with headquarters in Ukraine, and specializes in Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services. They will provide many more innovations for the benefit of the blockchain industry.