Market broiler

Market broiler

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What is a market broiler?

It’s a comfortable, relaxed, and moderately priced full-service restaurant where all of the award-winning chefs work and prepare fresh seafood and fresh fish. The new fish market, where all of the fish served is displayed, is the centerpiece of its presentation.

About Market Broiler

In 1989, Market Broiler opened its doors in Riverside, California. It is a full-time service restaurant where the price is moderate and it is really famous for fresh seafood and fish. Market Broiler is known for its friendly, polished-casual service, excellent value, and high-quality food.

The fresh fish market, where all of the fish served is displayed, is central to its presentation. In addition to our new oyster bar selections, our Master Sushi Chef has created a variety of classic sushi rolls. Moreover, you may take dozens of fish daily with entrees pasta and fresh chicken, beef along with salads.

The food has a great flavor with large quantities. All of their meal start with a “famous” sourdough bread that is served greatly at your table. This restaurant has a full bar along with a wide selection of spirits that may complement your eating experience.

Sustainability of Market Broiler

Market Broiler has launched a company-wide sustainable seafood program in collaboration with “Seafood for the Future.” As part of this collaboration, “Seafood for the Future” evaluated the current menus and approved over 20 seafood dishes! They believe that this program is an excellent opportunity to instill a sense of stewardship toward our planet’s oceans while encouraging the guests to incorporate seafood into their diets to reap the many health benefits. So Come and try their fresh and sustainable seafood from reputable sources!

Market broiler helped for making of Perspectives on Marine Aquaculture in the United States and California that is a short film created by the Pacific Aquarium and its Seafood for the Future program that features prominent scientists and experts on aquaculture marine in California and the United States. The experts in this film discuss marine aquaculture’s work in the global food supply. And as a conservation tool, the state of domestic marine aquaculture, and the future of marine aquaculture in the United States and California.

Private dining at Market Broiler:

Market Broiler Ontario and Simi Valley’s MB Grille provide a uniquely secluded setting for any occasion. Their Private VIP Dining Rooms elevate your dining experience to new heights! Their host will lead your guests away from the bustle of the main dining room and into our private dining room, which has been reserved exclusively for your party. Their Private VIP Lounge, which is fully enclosed, allows you to enjoy your special event in your own dedicated space.

Ending notes:

We have read lots of reviews about the Market broiler. This restaurant is worth trying. If you are a food lover, you should consider a market broiler.