The New Wave of Tamil Rockers: Madras Rockers 2022

The New Wave of Tamil Rockers: Madras Rockers 2022

Madras Rockers 2022 is just the beginning of a new wave of Tamil rock bands in Chennai, one that’s sure to be followed by many others soon enough. It’s these bands, which draw inspiration from both local and international bands, who will bring about the start of something new, something truly exciting in the world of Indian rock music. Madras Rockers 2022 are the pioneers of this movement, and they plan to stay there until they’ve had their fill of bringing back rock music to South India.

Introduction to Madras rockers 2022

As expected, Siddharth Narayan, a 24-year-old post-graduate in history, won his seat in Chennai’s Nandanam assembly constituency as a part of Madras rockers 2022. It was his first election and it proved that change is inevitable. His victory speech resonated with many voters who were listening to it live on Facebook. He put forward a ten-point plan for his constituency and spoke about coming up with several projects for both civic and cultural development; he also thanked all those who helped him achieve his aim. A talented orator and poet, young Siddharth will soon graduate from politics to establish himself as an exemplary politician.

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Why Watch Them?

The future is here. The new wave of rock is sweeping through South India and bringing in a new wave of fans with it. Bands like Madras Rockers 2022 are changing Indian music by marrying traditional instruments with rock instruments to create something entirely new and exciting—and that might just be what will take them all to musical superstardom. Their success will not only define rock for generations to come, but also shape where India goes from here—not just musically, but culturally as well. To watch them now is to see how tomorrow might change.

How to Watch Them?

Madras Rockers 2022 will be televised on Star Bharat. But if you live in Chennai, they’ll be performing live at an event called Shanti Narayana Suprabatham. You should probably buy a ticket to get in before everyone else does. Once you do, make sure you arrive on time for their performance. They’ll start late and end up running late. You’re going to have to sit through hours of performances by other artists as well before your time comes—but believe us when we say it’s worth it. This band is going places; don’t miss out!


Although there are some old-timers, most times even elders these days don’t know what is happening in rock music. But, after I explained them about Madras rockers 2022 and their gig which is scheduled on the 20th of January it became clear that Chennai still loves its rock music. I got into a small group discussion with them and asked them about good things that they liked in today’s music. Some said that the new wave has the new talent to come up but yet lot more needs to be done by encouraging upcoming bands. They said once we have good talents in our hands we can change many things better than before.