Dollar General Corporation consists of convenience stores based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Dollar General operates 17,266 stores in the continental United States as of February 2021.

J.L. Turner and Son, a family-owned business in Scottsville, Kentucky, was founded in 1939 by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. The name was kept to Dollar General Corporation in 1955, and the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1968. Dollar General was recognized by the Fortune 500 in 1999 and will be ranked #112 in 2020. Dollar General near me has grown to be one of the most profitable stores in rural America, with revenue approaching $27 billion in 2019.

Locations of dollar general near me

Let’s see the locations of dollar general and how you may find dollar general near me. Dollar General’s main differentiator is that it serves markets that were previously underserved, even by Walmart. You’d be hard-pressed to find a small town in America that doesn’t have a Dollar General nearby. There are currently over 15,000 locations across 44 states in the United States, outnumbering even McDonald’s.

According to Global Data Retail research, 75 percent of Americans live within five minutes of a Dollar General. These locations are placed to allow shoppers to choose them over other discount or big-box retailers. When compared to 37 percent of Americans who live within a certain distance of a Walmart. According to UBS analysts, more than half of Dollar General Locations are less than a ten-minute drive from a Walmart. You can also find Dollar General Locations near me by entering the address into the Google Maps search bar.

To counteract the trend of the expensive market, some retailers are raising customer prices. But Dollar General near me says it hasn’t raised prices and has no plans to do so. “We have many levers at our disposal to make sure we don’t have to pass all of that on to the consumer,” Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos said during the company’s most recent earnings call. The chain sells products for 20% to 40% less than drug and grocery stores. We’ll see how Dollar General manages to keep these prices low.

  • It offers a no-frills shopping experience.

Dollar General does not own its stores, which reduces real estate costs. Stores are small (on average, 7,400 square feet, compared to 178,000 square feet for Walmart) and have a bare-bones design: metal shelves, strip lighting, and low-cost signage. It is truly a no-frills shopping experience, ideal for customers who want to come in, but what they need, and leave. The average shopping trip to Dollar General lasts no more than 10 minutes, according to the company.

  • It has a limited selection of products.

We don’t carry every brand and size; we only carry the most popular ones,” Dollar General near me States on its website. These stores have between 10,000 and 12,000 different items. A typical supercenter, such as Walmart, has around 60,000. Dollar General has more negotiating power with suppliers because it buys in bulk when it carries a limited number of items.

  • It keeps labor costs down

Employee wages at UBS are also lower than those of its competitors, according to the bank. Its no-frills stores require fewer employees to operate, lowering labor costs.

  • At carries private-label goods.

carries a variety of private-label items with higher margins than national brands because the company controls manufacturing costs and can set its prices. 

  • Its stocks limited amounts of fresh produce.

Most Dollar General Stores do not sell fresh food or perishable items, with shorter shelf lives and lower profit margins. Critics argue that this is bad for local shoppers because it restricts their access to fresh food. However, from a business standpoint, it aids in maintaining healthy margins.

  • Dollar General Packages items in small quantities

Rather than selling items in bulk, Dollar General near me sells small things to keep transaction costs low. While the prices remain below $10, it may appear that you are getting a better deal, but you are most likely paying more per ounce or item. Nonetheless, this lower-ticket price serves its core customer well because they may not have the disposable income to shop in bulk.

Its stores are located predominantly in rural locations

Since the early 2000s, Dollar General’s strategy has been to go where Walmart does not. Most general dollar stores in the United States are in rural and suburban areas, less expensive to operate due to lower rent and labor costs.

Current trends about dollar general near me

On Wednesday, Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos stated that the retailer is pursuing healthcare business opportunities for a straightforward reason: approximately 65 percent of the company’s stores are located in “health deserts.” According to Vasos, this translates to more than 10,000 stores, many in rural and small towns, and require customers to travel long distances to obtain medical care.

He believes the retailer is in a unique position to change this. “We have an opportunity to grow that health-care side of the business — not just products in the store, but services,” he stated at a virtual conference hosted by Barclays.

Dollar General recently announced its intention to enter the healthcare industry. In July, the deep discounter announced the hiring of its first chief medical officer and the addition of more health-related items to its shelves, ranging from dental supplies to cough and cold medication. However, the company has provided information about its potential offerings. According to Vasos, Dr. Albert Wu, the company’s new chief medical officer, led the company’s first steering committee meeting on Tuesday, and he encouraged investors to stay tuned.

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