Key Features to Look for When Buying Your Very Own Dive Watch

Key Features to Look for When Buying Your Very Own Dive Watch

What is a Dive Watch?

The dive watch has been around since the early 20th century, potentially even earlier. Also commonly referred to as a diver’s watch or a diving watch, dive watches were first created with the sole intent to help divers to tell time while underwater. These modern timepieces today have a truly timeless silhouette and make for the perfect gift for either yourself or a loved one!  

For a watch to be truly designated as a diver’s watch, it must pass the criteria put in place by the International Organization of Standardization, otherwise referred to as ISO. Several specific features must be adhered to, and these are all called out in ISO’s 6425 standard. Aside from the standards that must be followed when creating a dive watch, there are also key features that end-users and consumers should look out for when purchasing their very own dive watch.

What Features Should I Look for When Purchasing a Dive Watch?

You may find yourself a bit overwhelmed as you prepare to purchase your very own dive watch, and that’s completely normal. Dive watches aren’t cheap, and it’s important to ensure you’re making the right decision and purchasing a make and model that will last you a lifetime. Listed below are a few of the key features you should look for when purchasing a dive watch, and the reason why these features are so vital to your watch’s design!

  1. Screw-down Crown

The crown is the little knob that is typically found on the side of your watch. However, what differentiates the crown found on other types of watches from the crown found on dive watches is the fact that a dive watch’s crown screws down far more tightly than others. This helps to prevent water from seeping into the internal mechanism of the watch. If the watch doesn’t come with a screw-down crown, it may be beneficial to consider other dive watches available on the market.

  1. Luminosity

Luminosity is also extremely important when it comes to purchasing a dive watch, as light tends to become a common issue as you enter into deeper depths of water. Because of this, a dive watch has to be luminous and easy to read, even in poor lighting conditions. Luminosity is typically a key feature incorporated into several different elements of the watch including the hour markers, the hands, and on the bezel insert.

  1. Water Resistance

For a diver’s watch to be truly categorized as a “dive watch”, it must possess some serious water resistance, especially considering diving was the initial and solely intended use of these watches when they first came about. Dive watches must at least be water resistant in water that is up to 100 meters deep. However, many dive watches go beyond that limit, reaching water resistance in depths of 200 or even 300 meters.

  1. Screw-in Case back

The case back is the back part of the dive watch that helps to protect the underside of your watch’s casing. For dive watches, a screw-in case back is also vital because it helps to keep water and moisture from getting inside of the watch and impacting the watch’s movements. Typically, screw-in case backs on dive watches are sealed with some type of rubber seal.

  1. Rotating Bezel

A rotating bezel is one of the most important elements a dive watch can possess, simply because it’s the element that helps to track the duration of time that you spent underwater. It also is what helps divers to calculate the amount of air that they have left while underwater, helping to ensure their health and safety. Today, there are two different types of rotating bezels found in dive watches: A unidirectional rotating bezel, and a bidirectional rotating bezel. The difference between the two is just as it sounds. The unidirectional rotating bezel only rotates in one direction, while the bidirectional rotating bezel rotates in both directions.

  1. Expandable Strap

For divers, a wetsuit is essential to their dive. Because of this, it’s also important to consider a dive watch that comes with an expandable strap so that it can easily fit over the wetsuit you’ll be wearing. Today, most expandable straps are made from either rubber or silicone, meaning they’re not only comfortable, but they’re also stretchable and water resistant!

Examples of Dive Watches

If you’re interested in purchasing a dive watch, check out these Invicta watches from the ShopHQ collection below.

Invicta Reserve Men’s 58mm Grand Venom Arctic Edition Swiss Quartz Chronograph Bracelet Watch

The Invicta Reserve Grand Venom is a rather large dive watch, clocking in at a massive 58mm. The watch comes with white enamel dials that host light blue chronograph subdials. The best part? The watch comes with Swiss quartz movement housed inside of its rather large casing. It also features a uni-directional bezel and a screw-down crown. 

Invicta Shaq Subaqua Alpha 52mm Swiss Quartz 0.17ctw Dia Watch

The Invicta Shaq Subaqua Alpha is bound to impress. It comes with a rope chain design to grace the bezel and on the dial, you’ll find that it also comes with diamond accented hour markers. The hands of the watch are sword-styled, but what makes this watch even more unique is that it’s a limited edition out of 2,000!

Invicta Reserve 47mm Swiss Automatic Tungsten Bracelet Watch

This Invicta Reserve watch comes with flecks of sparkle, a cool texture, and a sandstone dial that elevates the piece more than ever before. The watch also comes with a Swiss R150 automatic movement inside the case to ensure you’re kept on track. The watch comes with a uni-directional bezel and a screw-down crown as well.