Kareri Lake Trek- My Guide

Kareri Lake Trek- My Guide

About the place
Kareri Lake, referred to as Kumarwah Lake, is set in the Dhauladhar vary, lying nine KMs from
Dharamshala. This shallow lake could be a fresh glacial lake at an elevation of two,934 meters
and makes the most picturesque location. The beautiful lake can build the experience
unforgettable, the peace there was an add on thereto place and it looked so wonderful that one
couldn’t take their eyes off it.
The water is crystal clear, and at the most places, you’ll be ready to spot the bottom – that could
be a wondrous experience on its own. The reflection of the sky on top of it is another lovely gift
this lake presents. enclosed by lovely mountain ranges, Kareri lake is kind of a scenic issue to
try to to. On seeing your own reflection in the mirror like a lake you will be blown in and of itself
kinds of lakes don’t seem to be visible in the cities usually.

What is thus special?
The beauty of the chain of mountains lies in the places that are less explored by the tourists.
one of such spots is the Kareri lake. It’s a H2O, high altitude lake located south of the
Dhauladhar in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The greenery one will notice there has the
facility of hypnotising you with its never-ending beauty and so the verdure found there.. It’s close
to 2900 m on top of water level and is frozen all through winters. where in Kareri lake, you may
witness the gorgeous depression coated in overabundant verdure and streams and exotic
species of birds. Capture the scenic background that is a bonus opportunity. There’s a temple
dedicated to Lord Shiva commanding the lake that is found at the highest of the height. The
spiritual side other in it gives it a whole look and makes the place exclusive. Its a combination of
everything so it’s very exciting.
It starts from Dharamshala where you may notice good staying options. Reaching Dharamshala
is a simple task as you may notice forms of choices as components of the country. When
reaching Dharamshala, a private vehicle can decide you up and take you to Kareri Village
covering a distance of nine kms.

Best time to go to
While the lake is frozen for a large portion of the year, the sweetness and serenity in the winter
months are worth enjoying. However, if you want some peace in the winter – Kareri provides
that to the liquid ecstasy . March to July (i.e., pre-monsoon season) then again from September.
It is best to avoid the monsoon season when mountains during that time may be difficult.

Important Things to hold
Toilet facilities are on the market at the bottom village.
We advise people with medical problems /history to not prefer. Still If he/she will thus, it should
be at the person’s risk. The management won’t be chargeable.
Parking facility is available at Base village
Smoking/drinking/smoke up is strictly prohibited all through.


There are certain things one should keep in mind before planning for a trip like they must not
forget packing good quality shoes, heat jackets, torches with batteries , waterproof luggage,
caps or hats to stay away from direct sunlight, lots of food, water and money during
emergencies. Patients of heart, asthma, brain disease or the other body disorder should take
further care.

The whole journey is rejuvenating and you’ll return to your house tension free. The place is full
of surprises and with every step you will get to know something new to explore about this place.
This is an exclusive place, one which will be perfect for you to get away from the city blues. It
will rejuvenate and will make you forget all about your problems and stress.

The lake is surrounded with exquisite beauty and will remind you about the fact that how
powerful and enormous impact nature has, It will make your trip even more memorable and will
enrich you with the history it has attached to itself.The fact that it is frozen all year round is so
unbelievable when you are a person who are not well acquainted with nature’s such beautiful
presents. The surprising fact is that it will surprise you with its unmeasurable beauty every time
you look at it.