It ends with us

It ends with us

It ends with us

Are you also curious about the reviews of the book named “It ends with us“? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss the storyline and details on “It ends with us.”

The storyline of “It ends with us”:

  • This is about a young girl named Lilly Bloom who bravely navigates her way through everyday life and the many devastating lessons she is forced to learn along the way. We meet a twenty-three-year-old woman living in Boston who grew up in an abusive family and began looking all starry-eyed at a needy child when she was 15?
  • Lily, on the other hand, has abandoned that life and opened her blossom shop in Boston. Ryle Kincaid, a young neurosurgeon, meets her in Boston. Over a year, an instant attachment can develop into a deep affection where life appears too good to be true.
  • But as their love grows deeper and their lives become more intertwined, Ryle always signs changing the dynamic of their relationship without warning. The more a shadow from Lily’s past begins to take shape, gradually transforming from insignificant cherished memory to the firm notice of all that she promised herself she would never grasp.
  • “Just because someone has given you pain doesn’t mean you can stop loving them.” It is not a person’s actions that cause the most pain. It’s because of love. The pain would become little easier to bear if there were no love attached to the action.” Abuse is a complex subject to discuss, let alone expound on. Hoover indeed paints the scene from every angle.

Lesson from “It ends with us”:

  • This book is essential reading for those involved in destructive or manipulative relationships and those who have not. It can support how you were feeling amid the toxic relationship for those who have experienced this harmful condition. For those who haven’t been through it, it can help you understand those in these situations.
  • It Ends With Us” was a powerful song. It was upbeat and personal. Even though it is a thing of fiction, it is based on a true story. Colleen’s mother is central to the plot. Colleen’s mother is fundamentally Lilly. Hoover explains how the person you care about the most can hurt you.

About the writer of “It ends with us”:

The writer of It ends with us is Colleen Hoover, who is the best-selling author of twenty-two novels and novellas on the New York Times bestseller list. Hoover’s novels are classified as New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romances and psychological thrillers. Colleen Hoover’s books are available from Montlake Romance and Atria Books. Colleen also has several indie titles, including her psychological thriller, Verity.

Ending notes:

The book “It ends with us” is worth buying, and we would recommend that every girl read it once in her life. Males should also read it as it may help both the males and females to identify the toxic sides of relationships.