Is the lady falling for you?

Is the lady falling for you?

Many men ask themselves this question whenever they’re dating a woman they can’t “read.” Some women act very passively in a relationship, while others act interested at one moment, but cold at the next. Very often it would feel as though the guy is doing all the work in the relationship. If you’re in this situation right now, then you’re probably wondering whether or not pursuing a deeper relationship with her is a good idea.

First of all, let’s look at how women look at a relationship. Women in a relationship see attraction in a different way from how men do. The awkward silences or the passive overtones that she’s giving off may drive you crazy on the inside, but it might be the most normal thing to her. And there are many women who do love the men in their lives very much, but just don’t feel the need to tell the world about it.

Secondly, women are more “fickle” than men when it comes to a relationship. While we try to be the best we can be in a relationship at all times, women can appear to have “mood swings” more often. For instance, if she acts as though she has the hots for you one day, there’s no guarantee that she’ll feel the same way tomorrow. That’s just the way they are.

Lastly, and perhaps most important to know, the intensity of a woman’s attraction towards you is inversely proportional to the intensity of your attraction towards her. In other words, the more she sees you completely taken in by her, the less likely she is to be taken in by you. If you’re wondering whether or not she’s feeling it for you because she doesn’t show it, it’s probably because you show her too much.

Perhaps the best advice you can get in this situation would be to take it easy. This is simply how women typically act in a relationship, so don’t take it personally – it isn’t likely that they’re consciously trying to make things difficult for you.

Another thing you can do to spice things up is to lessen the amount of attention you’re giving her. This may sound weird, but the less you see her or call her up, the more likely she is to pick up communication. When you spend less time talking and more time listening, you just might get the answers to the questions bothering you.

Now that we are done understanding the woman psyche a little, one thing that has proven to be effective while pursuing any human is the impact of gifts. So, wooing a lady is not very far off either. Pick some gifts and impress the lovely woman. But, the question that arises is, what kind of a gift would be suitable?

Here is all of these romantic gifts that you can consider:

1. Order a bouquet of their favourite flowers to their place of work or home. They can be real, fresh ones that fill the room with the fragrance of your love, or silk ones that will last forever, just like your love.

2. Send cakes in Bangalore to them. Pick out their favourite flavours so that the surprise is even more magical. Turn the romance notch up to the fullest with photo customisable desserts and cakes that captures their captivating beauty!

3. Write them a love poem attached to a red balloon and tie it to their front door or car or wherever they are likely to find it before it blows away! Place a love note inside, before you blow it up.

4. Give them an invitation for a romantic meal together or surprise them with one at home. Eating together is a wonderful opportunity to show them that you enjoy their company and indeed to make time for yourself to stop. It is also a great place to bring out your creative skills in decorating the table as well as cooking a wonderful meal!

5. Be original and make a unique card, attaching something of significance from love that takes them to a special place, such as a photo of the place you first met or some material from that special outfit you wore.

These small gestures show the lady that you mean business and are ready to take in the work that comes with the relationship. And there is nothing more seductive than a man who can handle his responsibilities towards a romantic commitment!