How to use corporate Presentation design for increased sales? 

A good PPT Presentation design can have a huge impact on positive decision making. It’s true that more than 97% of decision-makers- clients, investors, sales executives etc are influenced by strong presentation designs be it a sales PPT, analyst presentation or investor pitch. A strong design can lead to the purchase of a product or the signing of a contract. Let’s learn how. 

Hire a presentation design agency 

If a deal worth a good amount of money is on the line why would you want to compromise by making a shabby presentation? Getting a PPT presentation designed professionally can transform your presentation into a sales generation and conversion tool. Presentation design agencies don’t just focus on the visual aspect. They make sure the presentation is meaningful and professional to create a positive impact on both branding and customer satisfaction. 

Use your corporate Presentation design as a sales tool. 

Make sure your PowerPoint design is interactive. This makes it an indispensable and powerful medium for the company sales team. It can be further used as a benchmark to create more presentations such as fundraising PPTs, analyst PPTs and sales PPTs, etc. When your team is given a professionally designed PPT presentation, you will see a boost in their confidence when they present, along with an increase in your sale closures. When you use your corporate Presentation design as an effective piece of business communication, you make it an effective sales tool. 

Make your PPT an information-packed document 

When you hire a presentation design agency, you get the ease of navigation in your presentations. With interactive features, work will become easier and you will have a vast pool of information at hand. Most companies find it difficult to put sales related information in PPTs without making it look too cluttered for the stakeholders. With the help of an agency, pending data and inconsistent business reports will be simplified. 

Focus on customer-centric messaging

Pitch deck designers make sure that a good narrative and a strong message is packed into a corporate presentation design without it appearing too bulky. A strong presentation design focuses on various aspects of customer care like- addressing concerns, providing solutions and tackling challenges. A strong corporate presentation design does not have any fluff around it. It jumps straight to the ideas and explanations and is interactive so that the audience can resonate with the content. 

4 reasons why your next presentation needs a Corporate PowerPoint template

The best way to use your creative freedom and not lose sight of your brand guideline is by building your very own corporate PowerPoint template. Let’s learn how you can make your team work at their creative best by simultaneously incorporating the company’s brand value using a corporate PowerPoint template.

If you’re creatively challenged, Microsoft has a bunch of inbuilt PowerPoint templates for you to choose from. Once you decide on a template you can build your own, that’s in sync with your company’s style guidelines, website and logo. Having a PowerPoint template makes life so much easier. Let’s learn more about it. 


Presentation experts all over the globe would agree that having a ppt presentation template makes presentations from anyone from your team look consistent in terms of style, layout, font and colours. 


When slides are pre-designed every piece of content is showcased neatly. Be it a quote, an image or a bar chart, the design for it is already there. You only have to type in the data, add the content and put in the image.


When it comes to branding, a corporate PowerPoint presentation template is up there with your logo, website and letterhead. Now that PowerPoint presentations are actually the most powerful model of communication both outside and within a company, it must get people talking. 

Ease of formatting 

Formatting slides when it’s based on a template makes things much easier for those colleagues who aren’t design-oriented. With a template, you have a title slide, main body slide, image layout, everything set in the presentation template itself. There’s no reason why your team will ever have to hurriedly put together a presentation again. 


Meaningful and relevant imagery and icons are required wherever the content demands it. When you have a template ready, interesting and purposeful graphics can easily complement the content and communicate ideas. Visuals are a great way to communicate instantly which is why it is a big part of corporate PowerPoint template design. The best way to incorporate it is by using carefully curated images, not just any image from the search engine. 


With a PowerPoint template, you get professional, clean and well-formatted slides that are properly aligned. If your slide is going to be content heavy then good alignment goes a very long way in making it look presentable with great attention to detail. 

So these were some of the points on how you can increase the sales of your business by just following these simple tactics and methods. Also if you are in a corporate world then you have to develop and design a corporate presentation design with charming visuals so that your customer or client can be impressed.

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