How to Switch Gmail Back to Old Look: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Switch Gmail Back to Old Look: A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, change is inevitable. However, for those who prefer the classic Gmail interface, adapting to the new look might be challenging. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of reverting to the old Gmail look seamlessly.

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Exploring the Gmail Settings

Accessing the Settings Menu

Embark on your journey by locating the settings gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail dashboard. Click on it to unveil a dropdown menu.

Navigating to “See all settings”

Within the dropdown menu, scroll down and click on “See all settings.” This will open up a treasure trove of customization options.

Locating the “Advanced” Tab

To uncover the hidden gems of Gmail customization, head to the “Advanced” tab. Here, the pathway to revert to the old look becomes clearer.

How to Switch Gmail Back to Old Look

Selecting the “Revert to old look temporarily” Option Under the “Advanced” tab, you’ll find the golden ticket – “Revert to old look temporarily.” Click on this option to transport yourself back in time to the classic Gmail interface.

FAQs about Switching Back to Old Gmail Look

Is it possible to switch back to the old Gmail look permanently?

Absolutely! While the default option is temporary, you can make the change permanent by adjusting settings within the “Themes” section.

Will I lose any data during the transition?

Rest assured, the switch is seamless and won’t result in any loss of data. Your emails, contacts, and settings remain intact throughout the process.

Can I customize the old look to suit my preferences?

Certainly! The old Gmail look isn’t just a blast from the past; it’s customizable too. Explore the various themes and layouts to tailor it to your liking.

Are there any limitations to using the old Gmail interface?

As of now, Gmail continues to support the old look, but it’s essential to stay updated with any announcements regarding interface changes.

Why should I consider reverting to the old Gmail look?

If you find comfort and efficiency in the classic Gmail interface, reverting is a nostalgic journey that enhances your overall user experience.

What if I encounter issues during the switch?

In the rare event of technical hiccups, consider clearing your browser cache or reaching out to Gmail support for prompt assistance.


Navigating the intricacies of Gmail settings can be a daunting task, but armed with this guide, switching back to the old look becomes a breeze. Embrace the familiarity of the classic Gmail interface while enjoying the modern features it has to offer.

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