How to reset amazon account password

How to reset amazon account password

Online shopping has been favourite for each one of us since the beginning . It gives us the privilege to shop at home . It is an asset for all those who do not wish to stand in long queue . Amazon have always been in the good books of people from the starting . Since the inception of digital marketing , amazon have always been in the good books of people all around because of the fact that it gives great service and is user friendly at the same time . It is a prime spot wherein people of every kind come and shop happily . The easy return policy of the company allows one to exchange the product in a span of 15 days or so if the customer is not happy with the quality of the product . This is a user-friendly portal wherein it provides multiple advantage to the customer . Shopping at amazon will not go waste . But in order to shop from home one must have good internet connection , without one  shopping is nearly impossible . 

You have got a hike after 12 months dedicated effort in a firm . It’s the end of the season sale , isn’t it a cheery on the top . You have your bonus and its sale season what are you waiting for? Switch to amazon service . A message popped up saying that you are anyway a registered customer you will get some extra discounts , this should be the happiest moment of your life . You tried logging into the service and you have missed out your password totally . Dint be saddened by this fact lest there is always a plan b so let’s talk about that . This blog will be your guide on “how to reset an amazon password”. Follow these simplest steps :

1.Start by visiting the official page of the amazon service and simply log into the account .

2.Hit on the tab that reads as “account and list” which is located in the top right of the homepage .

3.Hit on the “login and security option”

4.Afer doing that you are supposed to verify the identity and check on the details .

5. Hit on the “edit” option which is right next to the “password” tab .

6. Mention your old credentials along with the new password you would want to keep for your account .

7. Hit on the option that reads as “save changes”

These areas the simplest steps so as to change the password , now if you wish to “reset amazon account password”, then approach to these steps :

  1. Start by visiting the official page of amazon .
  2. Visit your “amazon assistance page thereafter and mention the credentials such as your email id and the password .
  3. Having done so you are supposed to do the CAPTCHA test just by entering the right characters .Then simply select the verification method and you will be sending your one-time password over there. You must not close the window .
  4. Kindly mention your one-time password that has been generated and hit on the “continue button”.
  5. You may successfully create your new password thereafter .

Apart from the problem mentioned above there are a lot of problems one could face considering some of them ,  Users complain about the review issue . Now before you are buying a product review plays an important role in judging the quality or so of the product .Apart from that unsuccessful login only occurs when you are mentioning invalid credentials , so make sure you are keeping everything correct .

Amazon prime is another name added in the same , wherein the users are allowed to binge watch movies with nonstop offline download which are available in multiple languages at the same time . You can also switch to the music and create your own podcast , from the browser . With over 70 million songs on this platform, it offers genuine variety to the user under the label of “prime music”.

So now you know that amazon is a one stop destination for purchase/business, watching movies, listening to your favourite playlist . The business service of amazon works in a way that it offers 2-hour delivery on items you might require on your daily basis .Isn’t amazon a blessing? And then you doubt it , that’s totally unfair . This is the most trusted and top-rated platform and everyone loves shopping from amazon . So, what are you waiting for to enjoy shopping at amazon and become its happy customer? Make sure you give this blog a good read and don’t miss out on anything .