How to Make A Home Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

How to Make A Home Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

The use of insurance by property owners has become a norm in recent times. It serves to guard losses against unprecedented tragedies to property, helping people start from someplace other than scratch after suffering damage to their property. 

Does insurance cover roof damage? 

Yes, if the roof was in very good condition before the damage, caused by an Act of God or vandalism. See this post on how to get your insurance to pay for that roof replacement

How do you make a home insurance claim for roof damage? 


It is imperative to fully document the damage and the cause of the damage if possible. No insurance company would listen to hearsay. So, for a better shot at getting repair assistance from your homeowner insurance company, you’d need concrete evidence in the form of photos. 


Contact your insurance company as soon as you have noticed the roof damage, informing them of the damage to your roof, the level of damage, and the cause. If it is not an Act of God, but vandalism, it is important to contact the police first and file a report before contacting the insurance company. Your story has been airtight and the damage is covered by your insurance policy. 


Your insurance company will provide the paperwork required to file a claim. Once your paperwork is filled and submitted, the claim process is started. 


Receipts of repair done by you or a professional should be kept at all costs for reimbursements. It is however best to delay repairs until the insurance company has approved your claim if it can wait. Oftentimes, they have in-house professionals who would help with the repairs of your roof

at their own costs. If you are left with no other choice but to move out of your house due to roof damage, your insurance company might refund your expenses. 


Despite the evidence you provided when filing your claim, the insurance company might send their trusty insurance adjuster to your home. The adjuster’s job would be to reassess the damage. After that is done, the adjuster would work with both the repair company and the insurance company to get the cost estimate of repair or replacement. 

These steps are quite straightforward and easy but once in a while, you might hit a snag. Sometimes, the insurance company might seek to weasel out of paying for your repair or might pay less than is needed to fix your roof. In cases like this, it is important to know your appeal rights. Hire a public adjuster and have a copy of the new report sent to the insurance company to appeal. It is your right after all. 

I hope this has been quite helpful and would give you a head start if your roof gets damaged. The earlier you file your claim, the earlier you get your claim check.

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