How To Find A Talented Java Developer At A Fair Price In The Growing Market Conditions

How To Find A Talented Java Developer At A Fair Price In The Growing Market Conditions

Are you trying to hire a Java developer? Were you shocked at how much they are charging? When you are looking to hire a Java developer online, you’ll quickly realize how in-demand their skills are and how hard it can be to place someone in your business. 

We hope this article will be helpful enough for you to find a Java developer with the right skills at the right 


Why hire a Java developer?

Before we get into the ways you can hire Java developers, we should take a second to look at why you might want to hire a dedicated Java developer (or several developers) for your business. 

Java development is very popular – Java is probably the most popular programming language in the world. It’s employed in mobile development, backend development, cloud solutions, and even Big Data and IoT applications.

Because there are so many applications for Java, Java developers are the most in-demand roles in 2022 (according to Mercer/Mettl). 

How to hire a Java programmer online

The widespread adoption of Java means that you will be competing for talent from some of the biggest and best companies in the world, including eBay, Amazon, and others. You may need to turn to your ingenuity with your advertising and promotions. 

Here are a few options that you can implement to find your developers:

1. Hosting a webinar or virtual job fair

Developers are used to working from home, and you want to cast a wide net. Hosting a virtual job fair or webinar on an exciting topic will attract great candidates and give you a platform to talk about your business and inspire them to work for you. 

2. Joining online communities

This is especially important if you have a start-up or aren’t as well-known. You can join Reddit, post blogs on Medium, or even share ideas and code on Github. Set developers some challenges, ask questions, and share problems you’d like to solve on community message boards. You might just befriend your next top developer online.

3. Use Freelancers

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr have hundreds of developers from all around the world for hire. The downside is that these developers probably work on several projects at a time, and it can be hard to pull freelancers together to form a cohesive team. But if your company only needs one or two developers, this is an excellent method to fill the skills gaps in your company. Freelancers may be more expensive than hiring a full-time developer, but you’ll probably need them for fewer hours than full-time employees, which can balance things out. 

4. Job boards

This is the old-fashioned way of finding developers for your project. You can place an advert on a newspaper site or jobs portal and wait for developers to send their CVs. The downside of this method is that it is relevant if you have the opportunity to spend enough of your time. You have to read each application, set up appointments, and then vet candidates carefully. 

You could also use a traditional recruitment agent to find and place candidates within your company. Be warned, though: these agents charge a hefty commission for their services. If you want to place candidates quickly and cheaply, this isn’t the best option. 

5. Agencies

You can use outsourcing agencies if you need a lot of developers in a short amount of time. These agencies skip the entire recruitment process because they have already hired and kept developers “on their books” for a long time. This means your project can get off the ground in weeks, not months. This saves you a lot of time and money, and if you use an offshore agency, the cost savings are even better because of the strength of the dollar or pound sterling in places like China or Eastern Europe. If you go this route, you’ll need to do your homework carefully. Ask for references, ask for code, and set up a solid scope of work to keep your business safe and protected against unscrupulous businesses. 


And if you now have all the knowledge and skills how to hire a Java developer quickly and affordably, it’s time to get cracking and get your team together!

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