When one talks about social selling, the starting point is building solid associations. The foundation of any B2B business is the relationship with potential prospects and buyers using social media platforms.  LinkedIn is a platform that connects business professionals, prospects, sellers, recruiters, and brands worldwide and Digital marketing Company use it for marketing.

Here are some astounding facts about LinkedIn’s networking capability:

  • It has 740 million members in more than 200 countries
  • Half of all B2B buyers make their decisions based on LinkedIn content
  • More than 75% of B2B buyers trust endorsements from their LinkedIn contacts

How does one tap this large selling potential and get the maximum benefits from the LinkedIn platform? Here are a few simple yet powerful tips:

1. Work on your LinkedIn profile

It may seem pretty obvious, but not everyone gives enough attention to creating an appealing, professional profile. Your LinkedIn profile must be focussed on the kind of clients you are seeking. You should be speaking in the language that they speak and offer solutions to the problems they have. The profile is incomplete without a photograph. It should show you with a pleasant demeanour, in professional attire, and with a clean background. Your profile should immediately attract potential clients’ attention; it should not be a stodgy summary of your achievements. 

2. Keep your privacy setting to Full Profile

You won’t be able to see who’s viewed your profile if your privacy setting is in semi-private or private mode.  If your privacy setting is on Full Profile, it will display your name and profile details, including how many connections you have in common. It is an excellent way to induce people to look at your profile. 

3. Connect with people who view your profile

You may not achieve anything from every person that views your profile. Nevertheless, browsing people who view your profile is the right step to take. Remember to view the “People Also Viewed” section on his or her profile. These are the people that your prospect has already researched and will give you a bonanza of information on the kind of connections he is looking to form. Initiating communication and making connections is how networks are formed. Make an effort to be warm and pleasant instead of hard-selling in the first instance. Connections create other connections, and you will eventually reach potential prospects.

The People Also Viewed section on your profile is also of immense value. They may show connections of yours whom your prospects consider trustworthy. In a sense, your People Also Viewed section is indirectly endorsing you.

4. Generate leads through LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are bands of professionals in the same industry or similar interests grouped to build business connections. Joining a group helps you make faster connections with people outside your immediate circle of contacts, normally college mates or past colleagues. By participating in groups and engaging with members, you can develop a good reputation and build credibility for your business.

4. Build testimonials through LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn statistics prove that people on LinkedIn make decisions based on endorsements from others on their network. It stands to reason then that the more recommendations you have, the better for your business. A good way to do this is to request testimonials from clients who are happy with your work.   You can send a message to them through the “Request a Recommendation” function on LinkedIn. Unlike other platforms, clients know that the testimonials are genuine because they can click and check the profile of people who have applauded you.

5. Enhance your LinkedIn SSI

LinkedIn’s SSI – Social Selling Index is a score from 0 to 100 based on how you are doing on four factors that LinkedIn has identified.  Higher SSI scores indicate that your social selling skills are better than your peers. Here are some figures from the LinkedIn website:

The SSI factors that are considered for the score are:

  1. How good you are at developing your brand: The score on this factor indicates how well you have done on brand-building – it could be your professional brand or your business one.
  2. Connecting with the right people: LinkedIn has search features and filters to help you make the right connections with relevant people. The score for this factor is based on how successfully you do this.
  3. Insightful engagement: Salespeople can use LinkedIn features to leverage data and news relevant to their industry. This SSI factor indicates how well you use knowledge and insights to grow your network.
  4. Building and maintaining relationships: Successful social selling is directly linked to the professional relationships you foster. You can boost your SSI scores by having by building genuine connections.

LinkedIn is a powerful sales tool. You only have to make use of its full potential.

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