How to Convert a Voice Recording to Text

How to Convert a Voice Recording to Text

Do you want to convert a voice recording to text? Whether you are a content creator, student, medical practitioner, or legal professional, converting audio content to text makes it shareable and consumable. However, converting large audio files to text can be tedious and costly.

Easy Ways to Convert Recorded Speech to Text

There are two main ways of converting voice recordings into written text. You can either use a human transcription service or an automated transcription tool. Each option offers unique pros and cons. Let’s discuss these two main ways of converting recorded speech to text in detail below.

Automated Transcription Software

Today’s advanced technology makes it easy for humans to tackle various tasks and activities. The same is true for converting audio files to text format. You can now use automated transcription software to transcribe your audio files in minutes. However, it’s essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of such tools before getting started.

· Advantages

Automated transcripts offer tons of benefits. For starters, they tend to be cheaper than human transcripts. Some services are even free. Additionally, transcription software may save you time and money because it generates transcripts in minutes. It might also boost your productivity since you don’t have to spend endless hours transcribing audio files manually.

Not only that, but some advanced tools also automatically input time stamps in the transcribed file. Additionally, you may not have to spend time reviewing the transcribed text if the software has an auto-correct feature.

· Disadvantages

Although they offer unmatched convenience and cost-effectiveness, transcription tools have various limitations. For instance, these tools might generate phrases and words that don’t make sense. As a result, they are not ideal for fast talkers and people with accents.

Moreover, getting a 99% accurate transcription with these tools is almost impossible because they are prone to mishear speech. They are also less adaptable compared to human transcribers. Besides, they might struggle to pick up on multiple speakers and industry-specific jargon.

Another disadvantage you will likely encounter with automatic transcription tools is a limited vocabulary. Unlike human transcribers, automatic transcriptions struggle to discern proper nouns, such as names of companies, brands, people, and places.

Human Transcription

Human transcription is by far the most preferred option due to its unique benefits. So, why are human-based transcription services the most sought-after choice?

· Advantages

One of the reasons why human transcriptions are superior is that they are more accurate than automated ones. Human transcribers maintain a high level of care when transcribing audio files. In fact, they always proofread the transcribed text over and over again to check for mishears and spelling mistakes.

Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with background noise with this option. Even if the audio file is distorted, you can count on human transcribers to focus on all the essential details and provide the best results possible.

Besides, it is the only reliable option if you want full-verbatim transcription. Unlike machines, humans will capture every detail in your audio file. They are also better at understanding accents and dialects better than machines.

· Disadvantages

The significant downside of hiring human transcribers is that it can be costly and time-consuming. To provide the best results possible, human transcribers go through every detail repeatedly to spot and correct errors. Fortunately, most can complete a transcript within a few hours, depending on the length of your audio file.

Transcription Software Vs. Human Transcribers: Which Is Better?

Ultimately, your budget, urgency, requirements, and preferred level of accuracy will determine the method you choose. If precision is not your main priority, automatic transcriptions are your best bet. On the other hand, human transcriptions should be your go-to option if you don’t want a distorted result.

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