How to Complete the Full Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus?

Business Studies is one of the easiest subjects of class 12th commerce stream, but most students make the blunder of leaving it for the last month before the exams. Even if it is a theory subject, you need to give time to study each topic. So, you should not neglect the Class 12 Business Studies  syllabus  and  complete  it  from the start.

Unlike last year, CBSE has not deleted the syllabus for Class 12 Business Studies. So, all you need to do is get the right study material and strategy to prepare for the exams.

It is possible to score more than 90+  marks  in  the  Class  12  Business  Studies CBSE exams if you will study properly from updated syllabus before exams.

Yes, absolutely!!we are just not exaggerating but have witnessed students achieving it. Rudra Rathore and Gaurav Jethlia Of class 12th CBSE  scored 93% marks in their BST 2019 exams.

In this blog, we have shared the key points for  your  study  plan  for  Business Studies to make impossible the possible thing. While you  can  get  the  study material from VSI Jaipur using the above-given link.  VSI  Jaipur  is  the  best institute for commerce field students. If you are planning for your professional career in the CA course after the  12th,  start  your  preparation  with  VSI  Jaipur now.

Study Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus with VSI Jaipur

All the PDF of study material is readily available on the VSI website. You can download the books PDF of the NCERT syllabus  for  class  12  business  studies. Then there are the CBSE sample papers and old question paper sets available for download.

Finally, the most important thing that you neglect while doing your preparation is

proper learning methods. Most of the students complain they face difficulties in retaining the Business studies concepts. Many students even grumble that the concepts are similar and get mixed up when writing answers during tests. If you also have these challenges, then you are not learning topics the right way.

So what should you do instead? The first most thing you can do is Visit the VSI Jaipur website blog, where you will find many learning tips and hacks. Using them will make Business Studies easier than before.

Another key point you should know is that if you feel tired of your online studies or lack daily motivation, you will find tips on balancing your time  with  online classes without draining your energy every day.

Overview of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus

UnitsUnit NameMarks Distribution
Part APrinciples and Functions of Management
Nature and Significance of Management Principles of ManagementBusiness Environment
Planning Organising
Staffing Directing Controlling
Part BBusiness Finance and Marketing
Financial Management Financial Markets
Marketing Management Consumer Protection
Part CProject Work20

Study Strategy for Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus

Now before you waste another day of learning the  CBSE  Business  Studies Syllabus of Class 12 the wrong way, here are some  tips  you  need  to  apply  for study strategy.

  1. Select what to study first

Select the order of chapters you will study. Don’t start both the  parts  of  the Business Studies Syllabus at once. Instead, we recommend starting your studies with Part A and then move to Part B. Also, keep the order of chapters the same way it is given in the NCERT syllabus for class 12 business studies.

  1. Allot fixed time for business studies

The whole syllabus of class 12 is very vast, and you have five subjects to study. So you must divide your time wisely. Of course, Business Studies is not as difficult as Accountancy or Maths, so you can give less time to it. But still, you should not ignore it till the end. Start early and keep doing it in  small  portions.  Finish  a chapter every week. If you feel it’s a little less,  consider  finishing  a  chapter  in 10-14 days. As you know, there are 12 chapters in the BST class 12 syllabus, so you should finish it before October-November.

  1. Make it interesting with example

Business studies will become the most boring subject ever if you don’t  use practical examples. Especially the Part  A  of  the  Class  12  Business  Studies Syllabus is all about the business environment and how things are managed in a business. So you need to connect with real-life business environment situations if you want to make it interesting. Otherwise, it will be all bookish language, and whatever you learn will be bookish language.

  1. Revise

If you don’t want your months of preparation to go to waste, revise regularly. Business studies topics are similar, especially in Part A. You will mix up with them

if you don’t revise regularly. Similarly, Part B has more technical concepts, which is why you need to revise them repeatedly.

  1. Types of questions from sample papers

Refer to the CBSE sample papers from the VSI Jaipur website. CBSE has made important changes in the exam pattern. The number of  1  mark  questions  are higher than before, which has increased the  overall  number  of  questions.  CBSE will ask case study-based questions in the Business Studies, so practice more such questions. CBQs are not given in the NCERT books, so you have to practice them from sample papers, old papers, and online.


Only you can make the Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus boring or interesting for yourself. So don’t wait till you have to feel regret and start learning Business Studies. The subject may be easy, but there is a lot  you  need  to  study  and prepare.

Follow our tips and collect the complete study material from VSI Jaipur.